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Memorial Day Food & Drink: The Twitter Guide

While Memorial Day is a time for reverence, to honor those who have given their lives to military service for our great country, it is also a huge weekend for food and drink. Countless burgers will be grilled, steaks will …

Is PayPal on the Ropes?

The hits are coming fast and furious to PayPal in what's adding up to be the most serious threats to the payment system giant to date. Three of the most powerful banks in the U.S. – Bank of America N.A., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo – have come together to create clearXchange, a […]

Indonesia To Chair ASEAN Open Source Initiative

The Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) held the ASEAN Workshop to Draft the Implementation Plans of Committee on Science and Technology (COST) in Bandung on May 3. In this workshop, the ASEAN […] Related posts: Tencent’s Open Source QQ Mobile Browser 9.43am: Alan Chen, Senior Director Of Wireless R&D Dept at… Microblogs: The Third […]

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Holds Launch Parties Across Indonesia

Mozilla Indonesia Community, supported by Mozilla Foundation, has held several launch parties across major cities in Indonesia. One of the events was held in Bandung just 2 days ago. More than a hundred […] Related posts: Multiply to launch office in Indonesia Multiply is set to open its Jakarta office in March… P&G and Yahoo […]