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Ravi Venkatesan Quits Microsoft India

The head of Microsoft India, Ravi Venkatesan has announced his resignation. This is the second time a top official has quit the software giant in the last six months. The previous top official- Rajan Anandan, who left Microsoft India, was named head of Google India operations last month. “It has been a privilege for me […]

Microsoft launches Office Web Apps in India and South East Asia

Six months since its beta launch and with more than 30 million users globally. Microsoft has finally introduced its Office Web Apps to more countries in Asia, including India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Microsoft Office Apps were already launched in China, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea last December and planned to make […]

Top 10 Rising Google Searches in Singapore 2010

Google has released this year’s Singapore search trend results. It became obvious that most Singaporeans are Apple fans when both the iPad and iPhone are on the top ten rising search list. But Microsoft still managed to clinch top spot on the rising search list with xinmsn. Xinmsn is an online entertainment portal through joint […]

White iPhone 4 Spotted in UK Apple Store [VIDEO]

The white iPhone 4 didn’t make it out on launch day, much to some excited Apple fans’ chagrin — or did it? This Sky News video report shows two people using the new white iPhone in a…

New iPhone Could Hit Stores During Apple’s Developer Conference

Apple could put its next-generation iPhone on sale during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), sources familiar with the situation have told us. That date could be June 7th, the likely date of the WWDC keynote. Over the last two years, Apple has revealed both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS at WWDC. However, […]

Steve Jobs Replies: No, iPad Won’t Support Picasa

Steve Jobs seemingly elected to reply to another question sent to his SJobs [at] email address yesterday, this time in response to a question about support for Google’s Picasa photo sharing service on the iPad: In short: no, the iPad won’t support Picasa albums or face recognition … and Jobs takes the opportunity to […]

9 Ways to Geek Out Your T-Shirt Collection

A t-shirt isn’t just a cotton garment, it’s a form of communication, a personal billboard that lets you get a message out to the world in a medium that offers the minimum of effort. Whether your geek tendencies lean towards gaming, Apple, space, film or social media, we’ve got a sassy selection of tees that […]

Apple Sells 51,000 iPads in First Two Hours? [REPORT]

The iPad officially became available for pre-order earlier today and while plenty of you are still debating about whether or not to pre-order, it appears as if the device might already sold 51,000 units in just two hours via pre-order. Wow. If you’ve ever doubted how insane dedicated Apple fans are, the background on how […]

Top 10 Geekiest Decorations for Your Home or Office [PICS]

We certainly wouldn’t advocate turning your office, cubicle or home office into some kind of over-the-top dork theme park, but a few witty items carefully placed here and there can brighten up the dullest work space with some geek chic. Having an office gives you the chance to display things you might not get away […]