Freesia City’s Co-founder on Social Gaming and 1 Million Users in Asia

Social gaming is one of the next big things. According to eMarketer, the industry is poised to be a $2 billion industry in the U.S by 2012. We are witnessing the same trend in Asia as more social gaming companies mushroomed in recent years. Dhub Digital, a Singapore and Indonesia-based social gaming start-up, is one […]

Top Facebook Markets are U.S, Indonesia, U.K and… Asia

What’s Facebook’s largest market? Undoubtedly, first place belongs to U.S (146 million users), the country of origin. Second place goes to Indonesia (34 million users) and third goes to United Kingdom (27 million users). What’s most intriguing is Indonesia’s growth. Out of a population size of 240 million (fourth most populous country in the world), […]

Taiwan: “Take my Medal? I’ll Hack your Website!”

The ongoing Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, is filled with stories. But so far, no story is as controversial as Yang Shu-Chun’s. On November 17, Taiwanese contestant, Yang, competed in the Taekwondo semi-final and was significantly ahead in the game. Victory seemed certain. 9 to nothing (9-0) was the score when the Korean referee suddenly […]

Friendster, Still the Largest in Asia

Cameron Ng is a citizen of the World Wide Web. He once gave up actual food just so that he could do Stratholme one more time. The first thing he does every morning when he wakes up is to check his Twitter account and his Facebook profile. The Internet is his life. Contrary to popular […]