Facebook doesn’t allow Brands to Rebrand

We admit. We are facing a Facebook page identity crisis. Our page is titled ‘Penn Olson Marketing Fanatics’. It isn’t exactly the right name for a tech blog. As a loyal reader, you would notice a huge change in our content focus. We started out as a general tech marketing blog but now have switched […]

Demand Media CEO: Google Not Talking About Us

Last week, Google’s Matt Cutts put up a blog post talking about a shift in focus to content farms, which he defines as "sites with shallow or low-quality content". Most people that read this assumed he was talking about sites like some of those offered by Demand Media (eHow.com, for example), which launched an IPO […]

President Obama To Answer Questions Via YouTube And Twitter

YouTube is inviting users to submit questions to President Obama for an exclusive interview that will take place two days after the 2011 State of the Union Address. The YouTube Blog offers details. “Go to youtube.com/askobama to submit your question now, or watch the speech on Tuesday night with your webcam or video camera nearby […]

Google Says War on Spam Ranks First

Google principal engineer Matt Cutts posted a lengthy message on the company’s official blog Friday in response to recent complaints from users about the increasing prevalence of spam in search results. The war on webspam, Cutts writes, is being waged as intensely as ever, in fact saying that Google’s search quality is presently… [[ This […]

Who earns the most in China’s Online Search Market?

We say ‘google it’ but China says ‘baidu it’. iResearch released its annual report on China’s online search market and Baidu emerged as the top earner. Baidu owned 71.6 percent of the total online search engines revenue at $1.2 billion. While Google, at second placing, owned 26 percent at $433 million. The rest are shared […]

CNNMoney Implements LinkedIn Widget

Let’s be honest: however content most people are with their jobs, Fortune’s "100 Best Companies to Work For" list can elicit envy.  So LinkedIn and CNNMoney may be onto something, as they’ve partnered to point people who read the list towards individuals who work at the top companies. This marks the first implementation of LinkedIn’s […]

Digital Marketing in 2011

What are the things to watch in the digital media space? I stumbled upon Media Logic’s blog post and got some ideas and inspirations from it. Predictions are just predictions. So, take it with a pinch of salt. The main purpose for this piece is for tech savvy marketers to learn from other’s point of […]

Google Marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Community Service

Google said today that many of its employees will be marking the 25th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, January 25th by participating in service projects. The Google Blog offers more details. “We’re also joining the Corporation for National & Community Service, a Google Grants recipient, to spread the word about […]

Blog Marketing

Getting traffic to your web site or blog can sometimes be a hard task. many of the old methods don't work. It doesn't matter if your into affiliate marketing, web 2.0 , blogging with wordpress or have your own product. Duration : 1 min 21 sec

China Police Tweets with the Public

We have a list of 18 really interesting ways people are using Twitter and that includes stopping bicycle thieves in Boston. We’re seeing a similar use in China’s micro-blog, Sina Weibo (????). The police department in Beijing has found micro-blogging a useful way to connect with the public. Peace Beijing (????) is the official Sina Weibo […]

Online Workforce Expanding, Especially in Mobile and Social

A recent blog post that caught the attention of readers included a summary of the annual report from online employment platform Elance. Another Web employment marketplace, oDesk, has released its own year-end report with similarly positive views of both the year in review and the year ahead. The report from oDesk says that employers spent […]

Blogs and Purchase Decisions [CHARTS]

Print advertisements and magazines used to be our main source of product information. But with the rise of the Internet, search engines and blogs have taken up the responsibilities. We can easily search and learn about a product within minutes. Product reviews are everywhere on the Internet and they are usually accompanied with users’ comments […]

Gmail Free Calling Offer Extended

Early this month, Google offered military families free $10 international call credits.  The goal was to help soldiers deployed around the world stay in touch with their loved ones.  Now, Google’s also set to make it easier for ordinary U.S. citizens to save money when chatting, as it’s offered free calling in Gmail through the […]

2010 is a Meaningful Year for Twitter

Twitter wraps up this year with several trend reports and thoughts. In a heartfelt blog post, Twitter thanks its users for the magnificent past 12 months. In 2010, more than 25 billion tweets were sent and more than 100 million users joined the micro-blogging service. To support growing demands, the Twitter team has grown from […]