iOS 4.3.3 Out, Fixes Tracking “Bugs”

The newest update to iOS, version 4.3.3 is here – earlier than projected. Rumors about the update releasing within a couple weeks hit on Monday. To the delight of those antsy to get back to thinking that they are off … Continue reading →

How to Pick a Start-up Funding Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking for start-up fund is a taxing task. The idea, pitch, investment sum and people are factors to consider when doing so (tips on one sentence pitch here). You should first understand your potential investors background before pitching. Are they angel investors or venture capitalists? Next, you also have to consider your funding strategy that […]

Creative iPod Nano Watch Gets Over $600,000 in Funding

Apple’s new iPod Nano isn’t just small, light and stylish. It also has multi-touch functions. Inspired, Minimal’s engineers and designers thought that the iPod Nano would make a good multi-purpose watch. The team placed the idea on Kickstarter with an aim to raise $15,000. To the team’s astonishment, the project has received over $600,000 in […]

Stable Chrome 8 Debuts

Chrome users who appreciate having the latest and greatest things (and doesn’t that describe every Chrome user?) will be pleased to know that version 8 of Google’s Web browser has debuted in stable form.  Version 8.0.552.215 was announced earlier this afternoon, to be exact. Fair warning: don’t expect this new release to revolutionize your online […]

Firefox for Android Pre-Alpha Released

Early adopters, it’s time to rejoice: Mozilla has officially released the “pre-alpha” of Firefox for Android — aka Fennec. It is available now for testing. The early build, revealed by Mozilla developer Vladimir Vuki?evi?, is part of an effort by Mozilla to test the mobile browser with a broader set of users. In his words, […]

Google Chrome Ditches Http://

When you see some text prefixed by “Http://”, you automatically assume that what follows is a web address, as defined by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The question is, since most web addresses are easily recognizable anyway, do you really need it? The developers of Google Chrome don’t think you do, so they simply chose to […]