Banks and Technology

The process of rushing, queuing and waiting for bank tellers is slowly becoming history. Internet banking has brought us much convenience, especially when we need to perform an urgent transaction on the spot. According to ComScore, Canada is the world’s top country in terms of online banking penetration. 2 out of every 3 Internet users […]

A Tour Of PPC Coach

PPC Coach is a paid membership site that teaches you pay-per-click marketing for $50 a month. It is run by Will (PPC-Coach) and Richard (Coach v2.0) Each month, you gain access to a new ppc method. As a member you’ll also have access to a great number of scripts and tools that make setting up […]

Social Media Topics! Dr. Sally Witt interviews Justin Zimmerman 1 of 2

Justin Zimmerman Dr. Sally Witt, Social Media Maven! Dr. Sally is proud to interview visionary Justin Zimmerman, the man in the know! As a writer, presenter, and thought leader in the real estate industry, Justin has been focused on the exploring and unleashing the economic possibilities of burgeoning communication channels to deliver high […]