Caitlin Marlotte on the Death of Advertising

YadaYadaAdmin Facebook Advertising Leave a Comment Caitlin Marlotte was one of the guests at Captains of Industry's Wake to Commemorate the Death of Advertising. The Wake was held at Captains office, and featured a viewing room, food, and of course, great company and great memories. People from the Boston area talked about how new advertising would change marketing for agencies. Duration : 20 sec

Viral Marketing at Death Star Germany

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OK, I give in. Due to overwhelming popular request and to celebrate the 1st anniversary of my German surprise hit (see my other movies) here’s finally an English version. I present it with the utmost respect for the creators, actors, staff and all other participants of the original STAR WARS movie and without any intensions for commercial use. © 1977 …

GEORGE CARLIN – People Who Oughta Be Killed 1/2

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“People Who Oughta Be Killed” Self-Help Books Motivation Seminars Parents of Honor Students Baby Slings My Daddy Telephone Mimes Hands-Free Telephone Headsets Answering Machines Family Newsletters Music on Answering Machines Duration : 0:10:12