E-books Becoming Big Business

Research firm Yankee Group estimates that the U.S. e-book market will reach $2.7 billion in sales in 2013, up from just $313 million in 2009. That's good for a growth rate of 83 percent, above even paid mobile apps, at 72 percent. Already, Amazon claims that Kindle e-books now outsell paperback books on Amazon.com. This […]

Kindle E-Books Turn Amazon's Page

The Amazon brand was given a serious boost with the launch of their Kindle e-reader, and they are still reaping the rewards as the digital book formats are outselling the more traditional reading medium, paperback books. According to their fourth quarter report, for every 100 paperback books sold, Amazon sold 115 books in Kindle’s format.  […]

E-readers are Rewriting Retailers’ Bestseller Lists

While many in the traditional publishing industry couldn’t wait to close the books on 2010, the makers of the leading e-book readers were trumpeting their record-setting year-end sales of the devices. Earlier this week, Amazon announced that its third-generation Kindle is now the best-selling item in the company’s history after… [[ This is a content […]

Are E-books the Next Market for Digital Advertisers?

With e-book sales at about $970 million this year and expected to rise significantly in 2011, many in the digital advertising industry are experimenting with ways to penetrate the market. If successful, Web marketers will have achieved something that…(read more) [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, […]

Kindle Arrives on Android This Summer

It’s official: Kindle is coming an Android phone near you sometime this summer. Kindle is already available on the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, but Android will join the mobile lineup in the next few months. The free app comes with all of the features you’d expect in a Kindle app: access to Amazon’s half a […]

Alice for the iPad Shows Why E-Books Are Cool

Yeah, we all love paper books. But you have to admit that e-books can, indeed, do stuff that paper books cannot. A good example of this is Alice for the iPad, Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland turned into a children’s storybook but with an interactive twist. This particular e-book is not meant […]

Kindle and Nook Both Coming to Retail Stores

It’s an already hot space that’s getting hotter: The e-book market just got a few big jolts, with Apple adding iBook support to the iPhone and now two of the frontrunning e-reader devices coming to retail. Engadget reports that Barnes & Noble’s Nook will be sold at Best Buy starting April 18, and that Amazon’s […]

The iPad Poses a Threat to Kindle’s Market Share [STATS]

Independent research boutique ChangeWave surveyed 3,171 consumers and found that consumer pre-launch interest in the iPad is high. Data demonstrates that consumers are more interested in purchasing an iPad than they were the iPhone prior to launch. Also, 27% of existing e-reader owners indicated they would have purchased the iPad over the model they own […]

What are all the techniques we want to learn for becoming SEO Expert?

What are all the techniques we want to learn for becoming SEO Expert? Which is best guide for learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? Give some links for learning advanced techniques with free of cost? hello friend.. well If you want to become a SEO expert.First you have to learn what Is Search engine and […]