Cisco Sued, Accused of Helping Design China’s Great Firewall

Following a lawsuit filed against Baidu by eight Chinese New York residents last week, there’s news this morning from The Wall Street Journal that Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have sued Cisco in US […] Related posts: Baidu Sued By Eight New York Residents Over Censorship Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Chinese search giant Baidu… […]

On, You Can Buy Yourself a Lamborghini Supercar Online

On Taobao, China’s biggest consumer ecommerce site, Chinese netizens could now buy themselves something a bit more special than the usual clothes or gadgets – a Lamborghini supercar. The Italian automaker is one […] Related posts: Gap Launches Online Store on Taobao Mall We can now add one more big brand on Taobao… Levi’s launches […]

The Social Commerce Timeline in 2010

2010 was the start of the rapid technological evolution for Social Commerce – as they say the future of Social Media. It was the year where Facebook started to roll out its so-called F-commerce that created a piece of this world’s biggest social network into an e-commerce site. It lured big retailers in the US […]

Clicks But No Conversions? It's the Landing Page Every Time.

Are you putting enough thought into your landing pages? If not, it’s probably the main reason your conversions, or more importantly your revenue, aren’t higher. At PubCon in Las Vegas, WebProNews spoke with Brad Geddes, Founder of PPC training firm bgTheory about advanced PPC and landing page optimization.  Why Landing Page Optimization is Critical "Landing […]