Intelestream (CRM) Means Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming an essential element in the success of enterprises online and off today. Being able to manage your client and prospect relationship efficiently, effectively and with respect is meaningful to those you want to buy from you and to your enterprises bottom line. That is why it is exciting… […]

If "Likes" Are The New Links, Content Quality Should Increase

More WebProNews Videos It’s become increasingly clear that social interactions with content are in important element in the promotion and visibility of that content. Beyond the simple viral nature of Facebook "likes" and Twitter retweets, they have simply become part of the fabric of the web and discoverability of content, in some cases even more […]

Small Businesses: Facebook as Important as Facetime

Uncertain at first, and still somewhat reluctant overall, small businesses are increasingly implementing social media into their marketing strategies. A recent survey conducted by Constant Contact revealed that 63 percent of nearly 1,500 small business owners cited Facebook as an important element of their activities during the fall, while more… [[ This is a content […]

Clicks But No Conversions? It's the Landing Page Every Time.

Are you putting enough thought into your landing pages? If not, it’s probably the main reason your conversions, or more importantly your revenue, aren’t higher. At PubCon in Las Vegas, WebProNews spoke with Brad Geddes, Founder of PPC training firm bgTheory about advanced PPC and landing page optimization.  Why Landing Page Optimization is Critical "Landing […]

One Thing Small Businesses Can Do Just as Well as Walmart

Take a look at what Walmart’s doing on Facebook. The retail giant has put together a Groupon-like model for driving sales via its Facebook page, with a Facebook called CrowdSaver. Hat tip to The Next Web for pointing this out.  Walmart’s fans can look at the possible deals Walmart has come up with, and if […]