Email Marketing with Cash Gifting

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Email Marketing Company

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Email Marketing with are a very effective way of communicating with your target audience. RingJohn has experienced editorial journalists who can work with you to create the content for your email newsletter. Duration : 1 min 14 sec

Email Marketing Servicesâ?? Impact on Internet Marketing

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A successful internet marketing campaign makes it easy for a consumer to find the products and information they desire. Listen to the iPost team as they describe how they have leveraged internet marketing to improve results for their email marketing services. Whether you need to improve your P&L, to manage all aspects of your email marketing program, or just need …

Marketing in the Morning

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Ericsson, the Sweden-based mobile company, recently conducted a survey that found 35 percent of U.S. Android and iPhone users "…interacted with such non-voice apps as Facebook on their smartphones before rising." In other words, many smartphone users check Facebook, Twitter and very likely email, before even getting out of bed in the… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit …

Baidu Confirms Microsoft Partnership

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Yesterday, rumors were spreading across the web that Baidu and Microsoft would be partnering together in China. Today, we received a confirmation email from Baidu acknowledging that a partnership between the two is […] Related posts: Japan’s Docomo, DeNA Announce Mobile Gaming Partnership Two big players on the Japanese mobile scene announced a… Nintendo Confirms Next Console to Show at …

Facebook Chat In Hotmail Goes Live Worldwide

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Five months ago, Microsoft announced that Hotmail users in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, the U.K., and the U.S. could begin to chat with their Facebook friends while checking their email.  Now the integration of Hotmail and Facebook Chat is complete in every place where Facebook is available. We’ll admit: this may not sound like a big deal insofar as it’s …

Russian Social Network Collaborates with Groupon

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Groupon might have screwed it up in China but things still look rosy elsewhere. Mail.Ru recently announced a newly formed partnership between Odnoklassniki (a Russia-based social-network) and Groupon. The collaboration allows Odnoklassniki users […] Related posts: The Social Network The movie essentially takes you through Facebook’s rise to fame,… Twitter is now the Top Social Network in Japan Update: The …

OpenX Launches New Ad Platform, Secures Groupon As Customer

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Assuming it didn’t already, OpenX should definitely have Google’s attention now.  The company launched an updated version of its OpenX Enterprise ad technology today, and in the process, announced that it’s secured Groupon and Orange (the telecommunications entity) as customers. An OpenX spokesperson explained in an email to WebProNews, "OpenX’s new platform, the company’s Software as a Service ad serving …

Indonesian uses Twitter as WikiLeaks

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@Benny_Israel tweeted last Thursday that he knows the dark secrets of Indonesia and wishes to share it with the world. His bold tweet was accompanied with a disclaimer that seeks correction if any information is revealed incorrectly. So far, Benny has revealed that he knows a number of U.S based companies, which committed bribery and […] Related posts: Indonesia threat …

On Email Marketing

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More at — Email marketing is easy to execute but difficult to execute well. A short video about a real life email marketing scenario. Duration : 57 sec

Illinois To Get Hit With "Amazon Tax"?

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Illinois Amazon affiliates received an unwelcome email last night. Illinois, it seems, is positioned to pass the so-called "Amazon Tax." And Amazon is holding nothing back in voicing its opinion on the matter. The email begins: We regret to…(read more) [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]