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10 Early Stage Start-up Pitches [LIVE BLOG] #gstartup

Live notes on start-up pitches. 16Fun (China) Focuses on mobile games imitating virtual reality Features include playing games with friends Business model: Virtual currency, in-app purchases, linking game with business owners Distribution strategy: […] Related posts: Global Mobile Internet Conference, Day 1 Live Blog Live updates from the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing,… East […]

Angry Birds Game Coming to Facebook

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed says the immensely popular Angry Birds game is coming to Facebook next month with “completely new aspects to it that…

Eminem Chrysler Ad Wins YouTube Blitz

YouTube announced that the winner of its Ad Blitz contest is Chrysler, for its Super Bowl commercial, which featured Eminem driving around Detroit. The contest was based on viewer votes.  "It’s been about two weeks since the Super Bowl aired, but our ears are still ringing from the noise of advertisers jockeying for position in […]

Guitar Hero Gone: What Went Wrong?

The premiere plastic guitar game just flamed out. Activision, beset by falling sales, has decided to shutter the division that created Guitar He…

Game On, Groupon. LivingSocial Makes a Splash

UPDATE: Looks like Google is about to get in on the game, too. This fact sheet uncovers Google Offers. That didn't take long, after Groupon famously rebuffed Google's $6 billion buyout offer. In one swift motion, LivingSocial emerged this week as Groupon’s most serious competitor. On Wednesday morning, January 19, LivingSocial… [[ This is a […]

5 Entertaining Angry Birds Videos on YouTube

Love Angry Birds? Then you will love the videos below. Angry Birds has been phenomenal this year. The classic drag, pull and catapult game has racked up more than 6 million paid downloads via the iTunes App store and 7 million free downloads on Android (Its Android version is supported by ads). Rovio, the architect behind […]

Hey Google, Groupon is Just Not That Into You

Let's put all the Google buyout rumors aside for just a moment and focus on actual Groupon news. Then we'll dig into why Groupon will not be selling to Google. Groupon is launching two new initiatives and they are nothing short of game-changing for merchants and consumers. Groupon Stores lets merchants set up virtual storefronts […]

Top 6 Free World Cup iPhone Apps

Call it whatever you like — football, soccer, the game with the black and white checkered ball that you kick around the field. Pick a name and get ready…

Microsoft’s Project Natal to Launch in October

Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal is a full-body motion controller, promising an incredibly immersive gaming experience and biting into the market first tapped by Nintendo Wii, back in 2006. Now, Project Natal was all but confirmed for October launch by Microsoft Saudi marketing manager Syed Bilal Tariq in an interview with GamertagRadio. “It is going to […]

Playing Games on the iPad…With 11 Fingers

If you’re an avid iPhone gamer and you’re considering an iPad, here’s one reason why it’s better for gaming: more points of contact. Popular game Plants vs. Zombies, for example, has 5 points of contacts on the iPhone version, meaning you can simultaneously play with five fingers – more than enough for iPhone’s small screen. […]

Celebrate Earth Day, Dr. Seuss Style

Just in time for Earth Day, Oceanhouse Media has released two special iPhone and iPad apps based around Dr. Seuss’s classic book, The Lorax. First published in 1971, The Lorax was written by Dr. Seuss to teach children about the value of caring about the environment. Like the other Dr. Seuss apps for the iPhone […]

Valley of the Kings, Pocket PC game trailer 1

This game will take you to deep tombs of the Valley of the Kings. You will need to negotiate 140 death traps and hidden doors filled levels, fighting off mummy guards. If you want to get to treasures, you will have to use your head and outsmart mummies, bypass all death traps and stay alive. […]