Get Smart: Competitive Pricing Intelligence

When you know what your competition is doing it makes decision making for your own enterprise easier. There are a variety of solutions available on the market currently including ChannelIQ, Gazaro, and Vendavo but Ugam Interactive is another and they are making headlines today. Ugam Interactive released a new version of its Competitive… [[ This […]

Longer Headlines in Select Adwords Listings

Google has never been one to shy away from testing its search results pages. It's latest test will enable advertisers to display more information in the headline. Google is changing the placement of the first description line for certain ads that appear above the natural search results on Google. For ads where each line appears […]

Farm Bureau Hints Facebook Paid $8.5M For

Farmers and ranchers with ties to the American Farm Bureau Federation may want to call the nonprofit and see if it happens to be doing anything special.  Farm Bureau should have more than a few dollars to spare, since it turns out the sale of to Facebook probably netted it around $8.5 million. As […]

9 Things Businesses Have Learned About Social Media

Social media has walked the fiery coals of skepticism and has brilliantly performed as a marketing, customer service and relationship building tool beyond expectations. All size businesses have taken the polar bear plunge into what felt like an alien way of communicating with their customers. When businesses began using Facebook fan pages, Twitter, engaging on […]

Google Gets OK To Delete UK Street View WiFi Data

At least in the UK, Google may finally be able to put its recent Street View privacy gaffe behind it.  The company’s signed a commitment to improve its handling of data, and as a result, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has given Google permission to delete the sensitive information it collected by accident. The last […]

Mashable Launches the Bing Local Twitter Trends Map

Mashable and Bing are releasing a new feature today — the Local Twitter Trends Map. The map displays the top ten Twitter trending topics in major US cities. Once clicked, each local trend displays a listing of the latest Tweets about that topic in the surrounding area. You can also find Mashable articles about the […]