Health Club Marketing with Google

Google is an excellent tool to use when marketing your health club. Here are some effective tips on promoting your health club to be in the top search rankings on Google. Duration : 4 min 51 sec

Steve Jobs Talks About His Liver Transplant [VIDEO]

Earlier today, Steve Jobs talked publicly about his life saving liver transplant for the first time at a press conference where California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced new legislation to encourage and make easier organ donation. Jobs, whose health was a subject of great speculation before he eventually took a leave of absence from Apple in […]

Mental Health Screening, Psychiatry & Pharma Marketing Scam

Mental Health Screening, Psychiatry & Pharma Marketing Scam Dr. John Breeding discusses that the intentions behind mental health screening might not be helping people but actually just for Pharma to sell more psychiatric drugs and make a profit. Screening programs like TeenScreen refer high school ages children into the mental health system where they are […]

Healthcare: the government's business?

New season starts next week! Very excited to start airing all the new stuff. Sign up for newsletters on to see what’s being posted, when. Duration : 0:9:59

Binge Eating Disorder Video (my secret food addiction) My personal Binge Eating Disorder video telling my story of my struggles with Binge Eating Disorder, the foods I binged on, and how I finally overcame my food addiction. Duration : 0:9:47

Marketing Junk Food to Kids – Marion Nestle

Complete video at: NYU nutritionist Dr. Marion Nestle examines the controversial food industry practice of creating advertising directed at children. —– Marion Nestle, NYU Professor of Nutrition and author of Food Politics, Safe Food, and What to Eat, gives a talk entitled What to Eat: Personal Responsibility or Social Responsibility. Nestle discusses the U.S. […]