Chinese Inmates Forced Into Gold Farming, Earning Money for Guards

There’s a fascinating piece in The Guardian this morning reporting that many Chinese inmates (at least in Jixi labor camp) are forced to play online games to build up credit for prison guards. […] Related posts: Gold Plated Smartphone, Nokia Oro Trending On Twitter India Today, @Nokia tweeted about Nokia Oro, a new smartphone that… […]

Twitterrific for iPad Supports Video/Pic Uploads

We’ve just learned from the good folks at Twitterrific that their iPad app will now include the ability to upload images and videos. Multimedia support is just one feature that makes Twitterrific stand out among iPad Twitter apps — and one feature that will likely keep Twitterrific in many users’ hearts in the event that […]

New and Improved Arrives This Week [PICS]

URL shortening and analytics service will soon be launching 1.3, the newest version of the most popular URL shortener. In addition, the company is launching an enterprise version of Pro, which will be available later today. The new 1.3, which will roll out later this week, will feature a complete redesign […] Provides Real-Time and Historical Twitter Analysis

For brands, developers and curious users, PeopleBrowsr is rolling out an interesting new tool. helps people and companies “visualize, study and measure” Twitter conversations happening all over the web through general and custom reports and graphs. Topics and trends are stored and indexed, so researchers (be they corporate or otherwise) can get data on […]