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Multimedia Press Releases Get 77-percent More Views

Distributing press releases through services such as PR Newswire has for years been a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses on the Web. New data from PR Newswire, however, indicates a significant development regarding the effectiveness of today’s releases. A recent update to the company’s Web analytics program enabled it… [[ This is a content […]

Super Bowl XLV Social Media Marketing

Super Bowl XLV promised to be the ‘Social Bowl’ of advertising with commercials predicted to be more ingrained in social media than ever before.  Starting with early nods to Pepsi Max and Doritos whose Crash the Super Bowl contest put six ads, all created and voted on by consumers, in the Sunday line-up.  As well […]

Establishing A Sustainable Social Media Marketing Strategy

For companies trying to make sense of social media and online marketing, it’s important to take a step back from all the “TwitFaceBlogTubeIn” mania for a second and look at the nature of how these things are going to work for the overall business. There are many questions that need answers:  ”Should we develop a […]

Major Challenges in Email Marketing

Email remains to be an important tool in most digital marketing strategy. Newsletter subscription, for example, is an affordable form of keeping customers updated. I have received a lot great deals alerts from Groupon and airline companies and they have somehow become my important sources for deals. I believe some of you have the same […]

HOW TO: Make Sure You’re Tracking the Right Data

Raj Kadam is the CEO and Co-founder of Viralheat Inc., a social media analytics firm focused on delivering detailed social media analytics to major brands and agencies world-wide. Today, you would be hard-pressed to find a marketer who’s not buried in a mountain of data.  The average marketing pro’s data sources include the usual web […]

Social Media Profiles, PPC Management, LinkedIn w/8700+ Conns- Weekly Wrapup Discussing how you can maximize the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profile pages to maximize exposure and extend your marketing reach, getting started consideratios for PPC Campaign Mangement, and referencing an expert interview with a social media user with 8700+ LinkedIn Connections. Recap of activity for the week of 3-09-2009: […]