Dell launches Social Media Listening Command Center

Dell gets serious with listening as it launches its dedicated Social Media Listening Command Center. Powered by Radian6, a popular social media analytics platform, the Listening Command Center monitors more than 22,000 Dell-related topic posts on average, across 11 different languages. It was said that the average daily mentions of Dell on Twitter have a […]

Apple to hit $200 Billion in Sales by 2015 [FORECAST]

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple could hit $200 billion sales by 2015, the New York Times reported. The forecasted sales figure would be three times more than Apple’s latest 12 months ended sales of $65 billion and 100 times more than Groupon’s annual revenue. The audacious estimate is heavily based on Apple’s […]

Apple VS Microsoft in Q4 2010 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Astonishing statistics about the current state of Apple and Microsoft products in Q4 of 2010 – displaying what people are buying  from these two companies and how much. Children are actually wishing for Apple products this Christmas, they do not even want their Barbie dolls or LEGO anymore. Is that surprising? Not so much for […]