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[081130 Inkigayo] Seo Taiji- Moai/Human dream (Live/HQ)

Seo Taiji-MOAI/HUMAN DREAM with cute dance moves! Culture President of Korea^———-^ Inkigayo 08/11/30 YURI MISS S H YOUJIN MARIO Mighty Mouse M SS501 EUN JIWON YOON JONGSIN Wonder Girls DBSK BIG BANG RAIN SEO TAIJI Duration : 0:8:24

Seo Taiji?Human Dream? MV

Seotaiji 8th Atomos Part Moai Release Date: July 2008 —– [MV] ’07 ?? ??? (Remix) by Seo Taiji Duration : 0:6:21

HQ 081130 Seo Tai Ji – Comeback @ Inkigayo (SBS ????) – Moai + Human Dream

STJ comes to rescue the ever-failing Korean music industry with an army of pink robots xD ???!! ???? This performance is so epic+cute xDD Seo Tai Ji clads a silver backpack when he performs ‘Human Dream’ rofl thats badass xD Bit cut that he didn’t perform ‘T’ik T’ak’ though. Seo Tai Ji will be performing […]

SEO TAIJI – MOAI (English Subbed) ??? ???

Damn the tension, the force and the presence on stage. Anyone who has ever been in the same space with Seo Taiji or followed him knows what i’m saying. Yeah! He is Back with his 8th album. The title track entitled “MOAI” is rather poetic, so some lines were translated freely, based on my own […]