Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android Enters Public Beta

Flash for mobile is finally here, because today Adobe is releasing the public beta of Flash Player 10.1 for Android. The release of the Flash 10.1 for Android Beta coincides with Google’s release of Android 2.2 (“FroYo”) here at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. The release also comes as tensions escalate between Adobe […]

Kindle Arrives on Android This Summer

It’s official: Kindle is coming an Android phone near you sometime this summer. Kindle is already available on the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, but Android will join the mobile lineup in the next few months. The free app comes with all of the features you’d expect in a Kindle app: access to Amazon’s half a […]

Foursquare Tries to Show You More Relevant “Places”

Foursquare is moving to make the list of “Places” one sees when they load their mobile app of choice more relevant. The company announced this morning that they’ve recently made changes to improve their algorithms for serving up this data, taking into account things like time of day, proximity, and popularity of the venue in […]

Sprint Drops Plan to Offer Google’s Nexus One

Although Google announced only last month that Sprint would carry its Nexus One phone, the carrier has since retracted from that plan. Gizmodo reports that the carrier will instead focus its efforts on the upcoming HTC EVO 4G it will be launching this summer. Both devices are Android phones, but the EVO is arguably more […]

ShinyTweet is a Shiny Twitter Client for iPad

This post is part of Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. Name: ShinyTweet Quick Pitch: ShinyTweet’s goal is to provide a highly usable columned Twitter […]

Twitter Launches Its Official Android App

Just weeks after launching an official BlackBerry app and acquiring Tweetie (which will become Twitter for iPhone), Twitter is out with another mobile application built in-house, this time for Google Android. The app is available immediately in the Android Market. Twitter’s Leland Rechis describes it on the company’s official blog, writing, “Reading tweets is easy […]

Google Search Unveils Upcoming Hulu App for Android?

Can’t wait for an official Hulu application for your Android device? Perhaps you won’t have to wait too long. If you try searching Google for “Hulu Android” the result from Hulu’s Labs page comes with a description that mentions a “Hulu App for Android devices.” It could be some sort of a weird coincidence, but […]

He’ll Be Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger is on Foursquare

How can you tell that location-based social networking service Foursquare is entering the mainstream? Well, movie stars who became governors of California using the service is a very good clue in that direction. Yes, you can now find out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s whereabouts on Foursquare. He already has over 1000 followers, which is no wonder considering […]

RIM Acquisition Could Bring BlackBerry Connectivity to Your Car

Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry, have just finalized a deal to acquire QNX Software Systems from Harman International. QNX is a company that offers middleware, development tools and other products aimed at embedded platforms — that might not sound that cool, but it actually makes its acquisition extremely interesting. RIM’s announcement emphasizes […]

See Yahoo’s Sketch-a-Search in Action [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, Yahoo launched a new iPhone app called Sketch-a-Search that allows you to trace an area with your finger to get restaurant results in a specifically defined region. We had a chance to sit down with Director of Product Management Ariel Seidman for a demo of Sketch-a-Search, and got a window into future […]

HTC EVO 4G: Sprint’s First WiMAX Phone

Sprint let some hot news fly at CTIA today: The first commercially available phone that will support the WiMAX next-generation cell network will be the HTC EVO 4G. It’s a powerhouse of a phone, running a 1GHz processor even more powerful than what’s under the hood of the Nexus One. While AT&T and Verizon quibble […]

Russian Singer’s “Trololo” Meme Gets an iPhone App

You know that “Trololo” viral video meme with the Soviet singer (Eduard Khil) singing a lyricless song in some sort of Russian alternate dimension 1970s rendition of the late 1950s? If you do, then get this: That meme now has its own iPhone app [iTunes link]. If you don’t know what Trololo is, you can […]