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Dangers of Mobile Advertising

Wired magazine proclaims 2009 as the year that text-advertising becomes location based (via GPS). So what happens when we receive ads with retail discounts when we pass or come close to a store? Nalts and WifeofNalts explore this not-to-distant future. Feel free to use this footage, but please credit: Distributed by Tubemogul. Duration : […]

Video Advertising

Use simple little marketing videos and share them on video sharing sites. increase your traffic now at The Fun Biz Duration : 1 min 1 sec

Mobile Marketing This video talks about Mobile Marketing opportunities in Africa. Duration : 2 min 18 sec

Mobile Marketing Leadership Bonus Market The growth in smart phone and SMS messaging usage has been dramatic. Learn how to achieve Mobile Marketing Leadership with this new program. Distributed by Tubemogul. Duration : 2 min 55 sec

Windows vista on ppc and on psp

This is a video about windows vista running on a pocket pc and a psp. Obviously they are fake as vista can’t even run well on PCs (except if it’s a high end one). The psp one is just a web page being viewed offline and the pocket pc one is being done via a […]

How to convert any units on Pocket PC with MSS Converter MSS Converter allows to make conversions between many units. Supported units are currencies (with the ability to automatic update rates), lengths, areas, volumes, masses, speeds, temperatures, pressures, times, angles, energies and powers. The software is easy to use. You can setup the units to show or hide. The software supports VGA and QVGA resolutions, […]

[HD] Gameloft 3D Real Football 2009 HD (PPC / Symbian) Mobile Game

Show the world who is the Real Football Champ in the most detailed 3D football experience on mobile. Features (may vary by handset): * 3D graphics give you a full 360° of realism – youll almost feel the rumble of the crowd. * Create and train your own team in Real Football Manager Edition 2009, […]

NOT the iPhone® on your Pocket PC for a free trial download of iLaunch. iLaunch is a screen lock and application launcher utility for Pocket PC (phones). It does some of the things the iPhone® does, a lot less, and a few things more. Watch a demo video of iLaunch in action. This video and software do NOT contain copyrighted material […]

How-to install ROM's on your Pocket PC

I have received tons of emails asking me how to install ROM’s on Windows mobile devices. So here is the tutorial. Links you will need: and Duration : 0:9:11