Eric Schmidt Coming To Your Living Room?

Could Google CEO Eric Schmidt be coming soon to your living room? Rumor has it that he’s interested in getting into television.  A rather unexpected report from the New York Post today indicates that he is in fact interested in having some kind of talk show, and has even been involved in the filming of […]

Google Scrambling for a Local Deals Site

Google, after Groupon famously shunned their advances — and $6 billion — is desperately seeking a local deals site, mostly for the local ad revenue it can provide. A New York Post insider is reporting that Google is in talks with two, smaller Groupon rivals. Of those mentioned are LivingSocial and BuyWithMe, a New York […]

Lindsay Lohan Sues E-Trade Claiming Baby Ad Is a Parody of Her [VIDEO]

The Super Bowl may be long over, but Brand Battle 2010 continues to rage on, as yet another commercial is bit by the controversy bug — this time one of those adorable spots from E-Trade featuring a talking baby named “Lindsay.” According to the New York Post, actress Lindsay Lohan is suing the investment site […]