iTwin Reinvents USB Flash Drive

Founded in early 2008, Singapore-based iTwin wants to reinvent the USB drive. The technology is awesome and I think The New York Times would agree with us too. When Akash Nemani from iTwin […] Related posts: Flash Mob In The World’s Best Airport In a serious and fast paced garden city, the renowned… Why Flash […]

More YouTube Ads Anyone?

YouTube has launched a new advertising option for its partners, called First Watch. The option lets advertisers purchase pre-rolls on users’ first view of a YouTube video each day. A report from the New York Times says: If the sponsorship …

Google Lobbies for Self-Driving Car Legality in Nevada

Google’s once secret automated vehicle research and testing is now looking towards the next step: legality.  Well, in one state at least. The New York Times is reporting that Google is “quietly lobbying” for proposed legislation in the great state … Continue reading →

JCPenney Gets Caught Gaming Google

The New York Times did a little undercover work in the world of search and discovered that JCPenney was benefiting enormously from paid links. They ranked number one or close to it for some very prominent search queries including “skinny jeans,” “home decor,” “comforter sets,” “furniture", “tablecloths” and many other highly searched for terms. (Note: Tweets regarding […]

Demand Media Announces Closing of IPO

Last week, Demand Media launched its initial public offering. Today, the company announced the closing of the IPO of 10,235,000 shares of common stock at $17.00 per share. From the release: Demand Media sold 5,175,000 shares of common stock, and the selling stockholders sold 5,060,000 shares of common stock in the offering. Demand Media received […]

Can Microsoft Compete with the iPad?

Reports indicate that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to unveil some new slates from Samsung and Dell at CES next month that are designed to compete with Apple’s incredibly popular iPad.  The company has not confirmed, and the sources of the info are unnamed, but evidently trusted by the New York Times, which reports:  […]

Should Google Be Able To Prioritize Its Own Content In Search Results?

Does Google have the right to place its own content over others’ content in its search results? If the company deems it better for the user that way, Google certainly thinks so.  Do you agree with Google? Let us know. There has been a great deal of discussion around this in the media recently, and […]

Apple to hit $200 Billion in Sales by 2015 [FORECAST]

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple could hit $200 billion sales by 2015, the New York Times reported. The forecasted sales figure would be three times more than Apple’s latest 12 months ended sales of $65 billion and 100 times more than Groupon’s annual revenue. The audacious estimate is heavily based on Apple’s […]

Should Content Providers Stop Allowing Anonymous Comments?

Facebook product design manager Julie Zhuo contributed an op-ed piece to the New York Times, which calls for content providers to stop allowing for anonymous comments on their content, in an effort to maintain accountability for what is said.  This is not a new subject, nor an easy one, and despite Zhuo taking a clear […]

EU Launches Search and Advertising Antitrust Investigation Against Google

News is out this morning that Google is being investigated by European Union antitrust regulators. They are looking into the possibility that Google is discriminating against competitors in it search results and ads.  Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports: "The European Commission will check whether Google ‘imposes exclusivity obligations on advertising partners, preventing them from placing certain types […]

Search and Social Media: Who Can You Trust?

The New York Times published a very interesting (and very long) article over the holiday break that raises a lot of questions about Google and search in general. I’ll let you read the 8-page story yourself if you want all the details, but what it boils down to is that Google doesn’t always point you […]

Who's Got the Time for All This Technology?

In a recent article, we asked how business owners and CEOs can keep up with new technologies and strategies in the digital age. It’s a topic we discussed with a few people at Pubcon in Las Vegas.  "The pace of change is frightening," New York Times tech columnist David Pogue told us. "In the last […]

Keep it Here for Live Coverage of PubCon This Week

More WebProNews Videos PubCon Las Vegas gets started tomorrow (at least content-wise), and promises to deliver  tons of great information about social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc. WebProNews will be covering the event with many exclusive interviews with speakers at the show (see PubCon’s full speaker list here).  At BlogWorld last month, WebProNews sat […]

Top 8 iPhone Apps for Self-Help

Although serious psychologists sometimes bash self-help books as “vast oversimplifications,” there’s a reason that New York Times’s best seller list includes an entire section of “advice” books. Who…