Stalker Turns Webcam Hacker, Spies On Chinese Reality TV Show Girls

An unemployed 30-year old man in Southern China was this week given a three-year prison sentence, after his obsession with two beautiful female contestants on a popular dating TV show led him to […] Related posts: How Businesses Are Using Augmented Reality In a nutshell, Augmented Reality adds a layer of information… The Facebook Valuation […]

The Facebook Obsession [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2010, Facebook overtook Google as the most highly visited page on the web – nothing too surprising. With 600 million members and growing, more than 10,000 applications to be utilized, Facebook has changed the way people use the web and connect with one another. Here’s a confession: Even though I do chose to remain […]

Top 10 Funny Dog Videos on YouTube

There are plenty of funny videos on YouTube but the ones that get us spitting our tea all over our monitors and give us the best giggles are animal-themed affairs. Man’s best friend doubles as a clown on notable occasions, many of which this selection of YouTube favorites captures to great comedic effect. Keep reading […]