Social Media: More than Twitter and Facebook? Uh, yeah.

The following post is based on a discussion at the Cincinnati Social Media LinkedIn Group. In what seems to be a race to oversimplify EVERYTHING, we’re creating misdefinitions. In many cases there’s simply (a lot) more to the story. Social media provides the latest example. Do you know anyone with "T&F Tunnel Vision?" This unfortunate […]

The Brand that doesn’t use Social Media Tops Social Brands List

Which is the brand that doesn’t use social media but is frequently mentioned on Twitter and Facebook? It’s Apple and it dominated the social brands list again. The Vitrue 100 annually ranks the most social brands by analyzing online conversations in the online social space. The result: Apple flooded the list with its products, taking […]

Driving Your Brand through Social Media

Notes from a panel discussion at iStrategy 2010 featuring Chris Wei, CEO of Great Eastern Holdings Grp, Haresh Khoobchandani of Microsoft, and James Miner of ESPN. Warning: Tons of useful insights ahead: – – 1. It all starts with a strategy Not a social media strategy – “there is no such thing”; that’s why brands […]