The Brave New World of Marketing

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This is a summary of a presentation by Daniel Lee (@danlee888), Regional Director of Euro RSCG (@eurorscg), at the iStrategy Conference, 2010. Once again, we’re reminded that social media isn’t a final strategy. Before jumping onto the social media bandwagon, it’s crucial that we understand how it has changed the scene. So what’s changed? Nothing much, actually. The fundamentals […] Related …

A Gorgeous Presentation: Social Media For Business

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You’re about to see a typical ‘social media for business’ slides, refreshed with updated web statistics and is gorgeously designed that makes you say ‘wow’ as you click. It’s typical but insightful. The deck takes you through the before and after of social media and provides successful business case studies. Most importantly, it provides a good overview […] Related posts: …

Wikipedia Gets Pretty with Articles iPhone App

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When it comes to accessing Wikipedia on your iPhone, there’s no shortage of options. This week, a new app entered the arena dubbed Articles, and for users who value a solid interface and pleasant viewing experience, it’s an excellent choice. The app, which is $2.99 in the App Store, features some innovative features, like viewing articles based on your location, …

Are there any examples of a government department successfully using social media?

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By social media, I mean things like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, blogs, and Wikipedia. Any country or level of government is okay. I’m doing a presentation and need some examples. Thanks. Obama is an interesting example, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a department, rather than a specific individual or politician. The president of the United States. He …

The YTB Marketing Opportunity (ytb Presentation)

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The YTB Marketing Opportunity is simple, powerful, and potentially incredibly profitable. For more information about YTB, please visit The Facts About YTB If you have a success story with YTB, then please leave a comment and let us know how we are doing. YTB International, Inc. Duration : 0:9:24