Social Media has an Infection

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Social media has and INFECTION and this virus is represented by Politicians! They need to be doing other things with there time! Look at how they waste tax payers money: Go to and sign up share ideas so we can do something about this insanity in the world! WOW am I mad. Duration : 0:4:35

David Icke – Newsletter Preview 21/11/08 Barack Obama, The Naked Emperor

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WWW.DAVIDICKE.COM/OBAMA “The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday With A 5,000-Word Special On The Obama Myth!” “Obama’s predominant mantra is ‘change’. Indeed, his massively-funded, record-breaking campaign has been based on that one word – change. This is a technique used by Bill Clinton and many others and it is highly effective because, at any point, the system ensures …

White House 2.0: Social Media and Government Transparency

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Complete video at: Ellen Miller, Executive Director of the Sunlight Foundation, says it is the responsibility of government to embrace technology and provide political transparency.” Government should be born open, not born secret,” she says. —– Technology evangelists believe that Barack Obama has the potential to fundamentally alter communication between the presidency and the people. Wikis in the White …

Make Money Online (Why I Love Affiliate Marketing) Earn 100+ Dollars Daily

YadaYadaAdmin Marketing 8 Comments How to make money online with Spidergirlx when you become a part of my team come see this site for updated tips If your question is not included in this faq send me an email to Spidergirlx at from 8am to 12pm midnight 7 days a week we will try to answer every question as quick as …