The World is Obsessed with Facebook [VIDEO]

The world is obsessed with Facebook and that includes Asia. 143 million out of 825 million Internet users in Asia are Facebook users. That is 1 Facebook users out of every 6 Asian […] Related posts: The Most Watched World Cup Video Is… …the official theme song for this year’s World Cup, Waka… How the […]

Turning Trends into Affiliate Profits

The end of the year always brings about much discussion about trends, particularly in Web business. Which search terms rose the fastest during the previous year? What will be the hottest products in the coming year? Which categories are currently climbing and which ones will falter or fall off completely? Understanding trends is an immensely… […]

Nintendo and Google Making a Search Game for Wii

This just in from the “Strange Bedfellows” department: apparently Nintendo has enlisted the help of Google to create a Wii game where players compete to guess the most popular search terms. The game, entitled Ando Kensaku, will be out in Japan on April 29 and won’t likely see much of a release elsewhere given its […]

8 Great Spotify Hints, Tips and Tricks

We’ve already brought you a how-to guide to get started with Spotify (read that first if you don’t know what it is), but now we’re delving a little deeper into the music streaming software with a look at some hints, tips and tricks that will help you get the most of the service. Have a […]