When Facebook becomes a Real Book

How should we boost ‘like’ count of a newly set up Facebook page? DDB Paris has a unique suggestion – create a real book out of Facebook. A Facebook application was developed to pull and organize relevant information from the user’s profile to create the book. Unfortunately, only the first 1,000 submissions were accepted. This […]

The Multi-Billion Dollar Question: Will Users Click on Twitter Ads?

It’s official: Twitter’s advertising platform launches in the next 24 hours. The much-anticipated Twitter business model will begin appearing in search results in the afternoon, with ads on Twitter.com and within third-party apps to follow. The launch of the new ad platform, known as Promoted Tweets, isn’t a surprise — like any other company, Twitter […]

Apple Acquires the iPad Trademark

Remember the whole legal dust-up over the trademark for the name iPad? Well, now that’s been resolved. The iPad launch is only a week away and as such, Apple is getting its ducks in a row: accepting submissions for iPad apps to the App Store, making developers use pre-release models in darkened rooms, oh and […]