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LinkedIn Provides Tips to Improve Your Resume

LinkedIn has identified 10 of the most overused terms by users. They include terms like extensive experience, innovative and motivated. Instead of simply stating them, LinkedIn suggests users to remove those words and use experience to show case talents and strengths. “Phrases like ‘extensive experience’ and ‘proven track record’ can appear empty to a potential […]

3 Core Skills Every Good Social Media Marketer Should Possess

This post is authored for Sarah, our very own co-founder, for her application to be Standard Chartered Breeze’s World Coolest Intern (WCI). We promise this is a good read. Hiring a good digital marketer is hard, but hiring a great one is even harder. What differentiates the great from good is attitude. The best talents […]

5 Creative Uses for Crowdsourcing

When Jeff Howe coined the term “crowdsourcing” in a 2006 Wired article his examples were mainly “labor markets for specialized talents,” like iStockphoto, iFilm, and InnoCentive.…