LinkedIn's New Advertising Platform

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that LinkedIn is preparing a major update to its advertising offerings, LinkedIn DirectAds. The new system will let advertisers target thier ads to users based on company size, industry, gender, job titles, seniority, age and location – significantly more granular than before. The question for Web… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit …

Distinction Between Email And Social Networks Eroding

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The popularity of social networking services, along with changing demographics and work styles, will lead 20 percent of employees to use social networks as a main business communication tool by 2014, according to a new report from Gartner. With Facebook expected to launch its own email service on Monday, analysts at Gartner seem to be right on target. “In the …

Top 10 iPhone Apps for TV Fanatics

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Sarah Collins is freelance journalist and student at Northwestern University. She also writes for Texas Monthly, A.V. Club Chicago, Chicago Parent, Venus Zine, and Punknews. It only takes knowing one Lost fan to understand the addictive power of television. But not everyone has the time or energy to hunt for hints about who is good, evil, or dead this week. …

Marketing Social Media and the California Cows-Yada Newsletter Dec 3, 2009

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Standing out in the crowd…

Well, I know I do. I have pink hair. Might seem a bit odd for a middle aged woman to have pink hair, but I do. It’s an interesting thing to stand out. It also happens to of vital importance. Think about it–are you more likely to remember a pink haired lady who happens to be smart or just a smart lady?

Which brings me to another point. Being better or being smart doesn’t always win the game. Being noticed does, but it has to be relevant. If you’re in a crowded market, you need something to stand out but make it relevant. In the case of what I do, I back it up with relevant information.

What is the best way to bring traffic to a website appart from SEO?

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I have a website that is only very small ( 4 pages ) and there isn’t that much text on each page so I suppose SEO wouldn’t be very effective with this website. What other alternatives do I have? What is the most effective thing you have ever done to your website? Ok, time for the truth. Content is not …