Twitter for Android Becomes More Like Other Twitter Apps

Twitter has launched a new version of its Android App. The company says its designed to feel more like its other official Twitter apps to provide a more consistent experience.  "You can use Twitter for Android even if you haven’t signed in or don’t have an account," says Carolyn Penner with Twitter Communications. "You can […]

The Social Commerce Timeline in 2010

2010 was the start of the rapid technological evolution for Social Commerce – as they say the future of Social Media. It was the year where Facebook started to roll out its so-called F-commerce that created a piece of this world’s biggest social network into an e-commerce site. It lured big retailers in the US […]

The Social Media Timeline in 2010

Wow. One year has passed and today is already the second day of 2011. A lot has happened in the area of social media and technology last year. But what are the major highlight and milestones of 2010? Mindjumpers has attempted to tell us all that in an infographic. Scrolling down the long piece of […]

The Power of WordPress [INFOGRAPHIC]

WordPress has come a long way. Founded in 2003, it has grown to become the world’s favorite content-system-management (CMS) tool. According to TechKing’s infographic, 55.3% of the top 1 million websites in the world are managed through WordPress. Joomla, the runner-up, only owns 10.8% of the market share. In absolute numbers, there are over 27 […]

Twitter Trends and Translations

Twitter announced two rather significant improvements to its platform today – most notably the inclusion of additional countries and cities in Trending Topics and Translations. Trending Topics provide a glimpse into the most tweeted-about topics on Twitter within a timeline on the sidebar of your Twitter account page (deeper history/data… [[ This is a content […]

Twitter Launches Its Official Android App

Just weeks after launching an official BlackBerry app and acquiring Tweetie (which will become Twitter for iPhone), Twitter is out with another mobile application built in-house, this time for Google Android. The app is available immediately in the Android Market. Twitter’s Leland Rechis describes it on the company’s official blog, writing, “Reading tweets is easy […]