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BusinessTV: Tom Smith on the biggest trends in social media

Hear expert business advice from Tom Smith, Research Manager, EMEA, at Universal McCann. The expert behind the renowned Wave 3 report, Tom reveals his thoughts on social media’s biggest trends: “We have seen a big move towards video and multimedia content. I mean video sharing sites just keep on taking off wave and wave. We […]

Lovers FanVid (Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin) – Lovers OST

Korean Drama Lovers: -Lee Seo Jin -Kim Jung Eun Lovers OST lyrics Singer: Lee Chang Hyun sarang-hae-son nadwil saram norul saranguro purugo ijen no-obshi sal su-ka omnun paboga dwaen-nabwa mae-il mae-il nol bo-nae-myo su-baek-bon sshing nol chaja chiwobwado nae-irimyon nol ji-un ku guse tto nol sae-gigo isso norul taek-han nae sarangi jwiraso namun salmi dan […]

MobiTV demo on Sprint Pocket PC-6700

This is a demo of MobiTV; an application that brings live, streaming Television directly to your cellular phone. This demo is on a Sprint’s PocketPC 6700 cell phone. Duration : 0:3:4

Seo Taiji Boys 1992 Debut

Seo Taiji Boys’ debut. It was first broadcasted in MBC in 1992 where new artists would perform and get judged by a panel of critics. Taiji boys got the lowest score in the show, but the audience differed and changed the way music was done in Korea. Korean music can be divided in two eras: […]