Digg’s URL Shortener Now Works Only For Digg

Since Kevin Rose took the helm of Digg, the service hasn’t been introducing new features but killing old ones. First, Digg got rid of the DiggBar, and now a related feature has been (almost) shut down: the Digg URL shortener. Although Digg calls this move an “update,” the feature has been killed for all URLs […]

New and Improved Bit.ly Arrives This Week [PICS]

URL shortening and analytics service bit.ly will soon be launching bit.ly 1.3, the newest version of the most popular URL shortener. In addition, the company is launching an enterprise version of bit.ly Pro, which will be available later today. The new bit.ly 1.3, which will roll out later this week, will feature a complete redesign […]

Kevin Rose’s First Move as Digg CEO: Kill the DiggBar

Social news website Digg is getting rid of the controversial DiggBar as soon as the upcoming version of Digg exits beta, acting CEO Kevin Rose announced in a blog post today. All previously banned domains will also be unbanned when the new Digg launches, Rose said. DiggBar is an iFrame toolbar that sits on top […]