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CyberAgent Ventures Invests $1 Million in Taiwan’s iPeen

Japanese investment firm, CyberAgent Ventures has recently invested $1 million in Taiwan’s iPeen for 20 percent stake, valuing iPeen at $5 million. iPeen is one of the largest user generated restaurant review websites […] Related posts: Japan’s DOCOMO Invests $175 Million In Tata Teleservices of India NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s mobile operator giant, has announced today […]

Google Latitude Adds Check-in Options

Facebook, Foursquare, and Gowalla (along with several other companies) now have a little more competition when it comes to location-based check-in services.  Starting this afternoon, Google Latitude users can also let their friends know when they’ve arrived at a certain place. Google’s rationale for this upgrade is that check-ins add context.  Now, rather than just […]

Groupon, Tencent, Alibaba and China

Are Groupon and Tencent venturing into China? The rumor goes on but it seems that both Internet giant have already strike a deal. Mobinode confirmed it. It was rumored that the site will be fully launched this year May. To match up with Groupon’s ambitious plan in China, it was reported that 1000 staff would […]

Alibaba Invests $4 Billion and May Surpass Walmart in Sales

Alibaba Group and its financing partners plan to invest 30 billion yuan ($4.5 billion USD) to build warehouses across China. The reason? Alibaba wants to meet a 10-year goal of delivering any online order in China within eight hours. It’s an ambitious goal. The warehouses will occupy 3 million square meters (560 American football fields) […]

$6 Billion for Groupon: Is Google Overpaying?

The Google-Groupon deal isn’t just $2.5 billion. The rumored price is way too low. According to All Things Digital, Google has offered $5.3 billion for the social group-buying website with an additional $700 million earnout based on performance. If the deal were to happen, it will be Google’s largest acquisition ever. Although Google has multiple […]

Walmart Follows Groupon Model On Facebook

Walmart recently introduced a new feature on its Facebook fanpage, called the Crowdsaver. This new Walmart’s Facebook initiative basically follows Groupon’s model. For example, Walmart will slash the price of its Plasma TV by 18 percent if there were more than 5,000 fans ‘liking’ the deal. So far, the idea seems to be working well. […]

One Thing Small Businesses Can Do Just as Well as Walmart

Take a look at what Walmart’s doing on Facebook. The retail giant has put together a Groupon-like model for driving sales via its Facebook page, with a Facebook called CrowdSaver. Hat tip to The Next Web for pointing this out.  Walmart’s fans can look at the possible deals Walmart has come up with, and if […]