BlackBerry Playbook Featured on Black Eyed Peas MTV

Product placement at work: The BlackBerry Playbook is featured in Black Eyed Peas’s The Time (Dirty Bit) MTV. The strategy is straightforward. The Playbook wants to be associated with the Black Eyed Peas’s ‘cool and hip’ image. In the MTV, a futuristic image of the Playbook is painted. The camera is the only feature showcased […]

Google Chrome Browser has Speed, 120 Million Users and a Web Store

In today’s Google Chrome announcement, the team has revealed that the browser has over 120 million users over the course of two years. As emphasized during the keynote, speed is Chrome’s core competency and is what attracted users to switch to Chrome. The Chrome team has further enhanced its speed by integrating instant search into […]

Stable Chrome 8 Debuts

Chrome users who appreciate having the latest and greatest things (and doesn’t that describe every Chrome user?) will be pleased to know that version 8 of Google’s Web browser has debuted in stable form.  Version 8.0.552.215 was announced earlier this afternoon, to be exact. Fair warning: don’t expect this new release to revolutionize your online […]

BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad Web Browser Speed Test

Looking for a tablet? You might wish to consider BlackBerry’s PlayBook. It isn’t out yet but there are rumors going around that it will be $100 cheaper than the iPad. If you’re looking more on the specifications, this will interest you. A BlackBerry web browser engineer recorded a video experiment to prove that BlackBerry PlayBook […]

Firefox 4 Plans: Faster, Friendlier, More Secure

Almost one year ago, we’ve gotten a glimpse of the next major iteration of Firefox, at least when it comes to its gorgeous new visuals. Now, however, Mozilla’s Mike Beltzner has shared a presentation that reveals quite detailed plans for Firefox 4. HTML5 and CSS support are mentioned, as well as faster operation, a greater […]

Chrome Gains, IE Slumps in Browser Wars [STATS]

Google Chrome was the fastest growing web browser for the fifth month in a row in analytics company Net Applications’s April market report, while Microsoft Internet Explorer again lost market share. Chrome’s market share increased from 6.13% to 6.73% — almost a 10% improvement over last month. Internet Explorer saw the most significant loss in […]

Adobe Flash Now Officially a Part of Google Chrome

Although Adobe Flash is already installed on virtually every computer, Google has announced that all downloads of its Chrome web browser will now include the plug-in. Rumored since Monday, Google’s blog post on the partnership adds a few details about what we can expect from the integration. One of the key benefits to Chrome users […]

Pete Cashmore Talks Twitter, Location and Mashable on [VIDEO]

It seems that the question on everyone’s mind over at SXSW this year is: What will be the next Twitter? Well, as our own Pete Cashmore said the other day during an interview with Bloomberg, and during a recent interview with’s Dan Fletcher: It’s all about location. Twitter still remains a SXSW legend, even […]

Firefox Account Manager Aims to Make Your Social Life Easier

What do you do when you first fire up your browser? Most probably, you log into various sites that require a username and password – Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and the like. For me, personally, it’s quite a chore, as I need to log into over 10 different services before I start doing anything. Now, Mozilla […]