Get Busy With Bing Webmaster Tools

It is common for search marketers to become so consumed with Google that they often forget about another reliable traffic source in Bing. While Bing and Yahoo combine for roughly 25 percent of search traffic, perhaps that index warrants closer attention. Let's look inside the Bing Webmaster Tools area and see if we can't improve […]

Google Analytics, Meet Webmaster Tools

Google continues to provide amazing ways in which search marketing professionals can improve their campaign efforts. The latest is this week’s announcement that webmasters using Google Analytics to track site data can link verified sites in Webmaster Tools when using the same Google account. What does this mean to you? Perhaps the most… [[ This […]

Bing Webmaster Tools – New Inbound Link Feature

Bing announced the release of a new Inbound Link feature into its Webmaster Tools offering. The feature provides registered site owners the ability to retrieve data about links pointing to their sites. As you might imagine, Bing received numerous requests for the feature and it’s excellent to see the search engine acting upon those… [[ […]

Search Queries Update in GWT

Google has made a noteworthy improvement to the "Search queries" and "Links to your site" features available in Webmaster tools. Once the domain of hard core SEO’s alone, anyone responsible for improving search marketing campaigns will be able to benefit from the new features and will need to get familiar as the data is… [[ […]