HOW TO: Create a Location-based Marketing Campaign

Location-based marketing is one of the major trends in the digital advertising world. Instead of increasing web traffic and hoping that customers will visit and make purchase, location-based marketing directly helps your business increase foot traffic, bringing consumers closer to your physical point of sales. However, with so many different location technologies like Gowalla, Foursquare, […]

Twitter’s Plans: Reputation Score, Location Ads, Ping and More

Twitter has 370,000 people signing up as new users every day. With a robust user growth rate, Twitter can now better focus on its business model. During the past few months, we have seen several creative ad products introduced by Twitter, namely @EarlyBird, Promoted Tweets and Trends. These products have enjoyed success and Twitter has […]

Does WiFi Kill Trees? Dutch Report Causes Doubt

Recently, we’ve read a few articles stating that, according to research from Dutch scientists, WiFi is bad for deciduous trees — so bad, in fact, that it’s killing them in urban areas where WiFi networks abound. However, the situation isn’t…

Google Gets OK To Delete UK Street View WiFi Data

At least in the UK, Google may finally be able to put its recent Street View privacy gaffe behind it.  The company’s signed a commitment to improve its handling of data, and as a result, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has given Google permission to delete the sensitive information it collected by accident. The last […]

Tweets at 35,000 Feet: How Virgin America is Using Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are now live. Yet, for most of us, there’s still a general curiosity about how this will work in the wild. What does this mean for the partner advertisers? Are our search results and Twitter streams going to be spammed with advertisements now? Will Twitter ever be the same? Of course, the answers […]

Wi-Fi Stumblers Disappear from Apple App Store

We wrote repeatedly about Apple’s odd and often unfair application approval process. Instead of fixing it, Apple is just getting weirder and weirder about what apps are allowed in the store. The latest example is the sudden disappearance of several Wi-Fi stumbler applications from the app store. Cult of Mac noticed that Apple has removed […]

Performance of Pocket PC devices

This video test the performance of 3 windows Mobile Pocket PC ( Dell Axim 51v, Hp Ipaq 1940x and Qtek 9100 ) simultaneous in real time with vsbenchmark 2006 View the rest of the score here: Duration : 0:5:38


Email: ROM: 128 M/64M (128M FLASHROM +64 M RAM) CPU: 416MHZ OPERATION SYSTEM: WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0 MAX memory:4G !! (if you want buy 4G or 2G Memory model please contact us!) Smart phone is always a hot spot to everyones concern, today’s P28 uses polished plastic as body and concise section so […]

WeFi for Pocket PC Preview WeFi is software loaded onto your mobile device which enhances your existing WiFi management software with a more powerful connection tool. Duration : 0:1:0

Bell HTC PPC 6800 ( )

The Bell HTC PPC6800 is a old pda but with nice function and a good keyboard. A Wifi connection and a Bluetooth connection are include in the Bell HTC PPC6800. Duration : 0:6:2