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WordPress Permalinks for SEO Setting up your WordPress Permalinks is easy and it's also vital when using SEO. Get started, Today. Duration : 4 min 36 sec

Top Joomla Extensions for Web Pro's

WordPress has the volume and Drupal gets the money, but what about Joomla? The content management system in no way receives the attention that its fellow open source platforms do but that might just be unwarranted – particularly when you check out some of the available extensions. Here are a few of the top Joomla extensions (from… [[ […]

Mashable Readers Miss Being “Fans” on Facebook

In the good old days, Facebook users “became a fan” of their favorite teams, celebrities, objects, and personalities. A month and a half ago though, that all changed. Facebook Pages switched from “Become a Fan” to “Like” in order to lower the bar for users to engage and connect with brands. The change hasn’t been […]

iPad Dominates the Netbook in Reader Vote

If you’re in the market for a smaller-scale computing device, which one should you get: the netbook with its physical keyboard or the iPad, which has sold more than 450,000 units in less than a week? That was the question for this week’s Web Faceoff, our weekly poll series where we ask you, the reader, […]

Can You Blog From an iPad? I Just Did

Disclaimer: I wrote and published this post, in its entirety, from my iPad. Apple’s “magical and revolutionary device” is supposed to be the ultimate content consumption tool. You can play music, watch movies, and surf the web, all from a device that is meant to be smaller, more focused, and more elegant than a netbook […]

Tumblr Hits Major Milestones, Plans to Start Generating Revenue

Tumblr, one of the simplest blogging platforms around, is doing really well. Situated between WordPress, which requires a bit more effort to create and organize content, and Twitter, which requires almost no effort but also doesn’t offer many features, Tumblr is the perfect tool for users who want to have a blog with photos, videos, […]

WordPress SEO Series Part 2 – Perfect SEO For WP – this is the second video in a series of videos that looks at how to perfectly optimize all the content on your wordpress blog for maximum search engine traffic. This video looks at how to avoid duplicate content on your blog and how to use keywords in your post content. Duration : 0:6:19

WordPress SEO Series Part 3 – Perfect SEO For WP – This is the third video in a series that looks at how to perfectly optimize each blog post you create for maximum search engine ranking. This video looks at a secret trick to finding out how to make Google realize that your blog post is LSI relevant to the keyword you’re trying to […]

Free SEO Blog Software has Traffic Getting Technology This Traffic-Getting Technology Brings Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website Today.  It Works Its Magic In Any Market… It Even Crushes The Most Highly Competitive Markets Like Digital Cameras and Plasma TVs… I Should Know… This Absolutely Free Software Brings Me Free Search Engine Traffic, Free Customers, and Free Money Every Single Day Like […]

How Do I Get Chris Pirillo's Social Media WordPress Theme To Work

Here is my thoughts about Chris Pirillo’s Social Media Theme. This is a very advanced and capable theme that requires a ton of configurations in order to get it to work. If you need help getting it to work, I decided to make a tutorial last year towards helping Chris because he didn’t have time […]