Ireland Launches Twitter Campaign

The Irish Tourism team launched a Twitter campaign called “My Irish 140” which aims to encourage those living in the UK with Irish heritage to tweet their connection with Ireland. It has a simple concept. All users need to do is to tweet about their Irish connection and tagged it with #makesmeirish. For example: Warm […]

How a Student Uses Facebook to Campaign for a Social Media Internship

This post is authored for Stephanie, our very own writer, for her application to be Standard Chartered Breeze’s World Coolest Intern (WCI). We promise this is a good read. What would you do if you only had 5 days to campaign for a lucrative social media internship? It’s the world’s coolest and probably also the […]

Friendster, Still the Largest in Asia

Cameron Ng is a citizen of the World Wide Web. He once gave up actual food just so that he could do Stratholme one more time. The first thing he does every morning when he wakes up is to check his Twitter account and his Facebook profile. The Internet is his life. Contrary to popular […]