Ad network

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Ad network: An advertising company that brokers deals between online publishers and advertisers. Bigger ad networks aggregate sites into general categories so that they can offer advertisers targeted markets. Ad networks are responsible for selling and serving the majority of Internet advertising. Ad networks sell advertising space for online ads. This space can be on a website, RSS feed, blog, instant …

Ad flight

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Ad flight: The total length of an advertising campaign. There is no standard time frame for how long a certain ad can run. Generally speaking, however, the same ad tends to lose its impact over time as it saturates the market and people first get used to seeing it and then began tuning it out. Commercials for automobiles are a perfect …

Acquisition Cost

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Acquisition Cost – The cost of gaining a new customer. Advertisers consider the amount of revenue potential from a potential customer over a life time to determine maximum acquisition cost. This is a long-term perspective. A business looks at what it will cost to acquire a new customer and hold on to that customer over time. Things like advertising, product/service pricing …

301 Redirect

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301 Redirect – A 301 redirect automatically causes one url to redirect to another and tells the Web (and search engines) that this redirect is permanent, as opposed to a temporary (302) redirect.  301 redirects are generally preferable for Search Engine Optimization purposes and are therefore often referred to as search engine friendly redirects. A 301 Redirect allows a website owner …

Zendesk Gives a Voice to Silent Customers

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Cloud-based help desk software provider Zendesk wants to help businesses dig deeper into their analytics, specifically by targeting "silent" customers who use self-service content to solve issues without the help of customer service representatives. The company launched a new Search Analytics feature to provide its users with insights… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full …

A Q&A with the CEO of ROI Tracker Ifbyphone

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Tracking a company's return on investment from a social media campaign can be a difficult task. The campaign manager must not only establish goals, but also discover the best way to track metrics that influence theses goals. However, according to Ifbyphone CEO and CTO Irv Shapiro, tracking the ROI from social media should not be treated any… [[ This is …

Roveb “Mobilizes” Your Site With One Javascript Code

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Roveb is an Australia-based startup that “turns” websites into mobile sites. There isn’t any technical knowledge required. Well, technically there is – but it is as simple as inserting some Javascript code. All you have to do is key in your URL, tweak the look and feel, and add in content. It is important to […]

The Pay Per Click Company That Puts You On Top

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A Pay Per Click Company Provides Instant Answers Using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) together is the first big advantage of hiring a Pay Per Click company. The written work populating any website is routinely scanned by search engines and SEO is the primary method for gaining search engine’s attention. The cost of Pay Per Click …

The Pay Per Click Marketing Firm Advantage

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The Experts At A Pay Per Click Marketing Firm And You Getting the most value for your advertising dollars is the primary goal of a Pay Per Click marketing firm. Utilizing all the advanced features of Google Adwords and/or Microsoft adCenter is an acquired skill, demanding focus and concentration. Putting together the most effective Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign …