Seo Taiji- T'ik T'ak *English subs* Guerilla Concert

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Hard Korean rock, Seo Taeji disappeared from the public eye and came back out for the release of his 8th album (which includes this song).. If the words don’t make sense listen to it a few times. If I made it simple and clear it wouldn’t be Seo Taeji and wouldn’t even represent the original Korean anymore. Translation and Subs- TheAsianMission

Duration : 0:4:26

[youtube 9T-JE4c2jYc]

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  1. GIOMcH

    I’ve got it, you …
    I’ve got it, you meant how a man being 37 can look like 17 hahahaha half his age! that’s true.

  2. respeanut

    yes hes still young …
    yes hes still young i know that. what i meant was he looks so much younger his age geez….

  3. GIOMcH

    oh come on! he’s 37 …
    oh come on! he’s 37 not 57 he’s stil young don’t you think?

  4. scarywolfie

    i don’t that one’s …
    i don’t that one’s it.
    there’s no mv for it and it was a pretty hardrock song.
    i’ve only seen performances for it. actually i saw perfs for other songs and this song only gets shown for about 30seconds than the video is cut,
    i just remember that after the intro into the song all the dancers fall to the ground surround seo taiji in the middle.
    sorry hard to describe but it was coool.

  5. scarywolfie

    can anyone tell me …
    can anyone tell me what song it is where there’s a breakdown and about 20 back dancers throw themselves on the floor? it is one of seo taiji’s new songs i think but i cant seem to place the original song or video anywhere.

  6. GloriousAggressor

    I figure the song …
    I figure the song is standard STJ. How society is corrupting everything ect + with a little how do I say this..erm, mythical? sense to it. Almost how his new theme for his 8th seems to be about legends(Moai and now the Bermuda Triangle). I feel that TIKTAK is based on how the Government/Society is trying to cover up something. ect. But that’s just me, I usually get wrong =D

  7. titojwonnie

    Yeah I got that too …
    Yeah I got that too.
    I’m sorta an enviornmentalist so i was soo off. XDDDD
    Thanks for the explaination. =)

  8. TheAsianMission

    Those lines seem …
    Those lines seem like a reference to insensitivity or indefference

  9. TheAsianMission

    I think the “wind” …
    I think the “wind” is a Korean metaphor.. I haven’t quite caught on to the exact meaning yet myself, but I saw it again in Casker’s “Every Saturday”. The lines that I’ve gathered the most meaning from recently though are “why can’t you cry?” and “The sadness hidden under my drawer- the last resort remaining for me”. I personally think this song has a society based meaning

  10. titojwonnie

    soo i was thinking …
    soo i was thinking about the lyics and the first thing that came to mind was global warming. XDD
    Anybody want to take a stab at the main idea of the song?

    Either ways it is awsome. I’m adding this to my phone. 8P

  11. scarywolfie

    can anyone tell me …
    can anyone tell me what song it is where there’s a breakdown and about 20 back dancers throw themselves on the floor?

  12. TheAsianMission

    yeah, audio’s …
    yeah, audio’s usually the highest priority but this was the best live version I could find

  13. jjh20612

    tis nice to have …
    tis nice to have eng lyric, but audio system is kinda bad… Still, thanks for the lyric works.

  14. Avveh

    Dude, I really like …
    Dude, I really like those lyrics! They’re not the type to just easily understand, in my opinion. Anyways.

    First time hearing him – Love him! Thanks for the video and subs! 😀

  15. ste may

    I think that the having only one sprinkler gave the effect they wanted. If they had wanted to make it look more “real” they would have put a few more sprinklers on the ceiling, they aren’t that cheap…

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