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“I’ve been learning online marketing for several months and it’s refreshing to read your articles…full of great data and no hype!”



Laura Betterly has been a mentor and business associate of mine since 1986.  Laura has consistently provided positive direction in many different capacities.  Most recently Laura has been working with me to help me understand the intricacies of Google AdWords, SEO and Internet Advertising.

Initially I thought I had a pretty good knowledge in these areas, but as we started working together, Laura helped me gain a better understanding of how to actually implement strategies that get results.  She helped me move over from “book” knowledge to true Application.  Laura’s experience in this area has helped me tremendously in expanding my business.

I would highly recommend Laura for any application and suggest that she is among the top 1% of Internet Advertising Specialists in the world, of not the best.  Laura is certainly the best I know and I would refer any client to her for assistance.  I know I can always count on her to provide accurate and usable information to help me with my business, and have observed the same with every client of hers I have spoken with.

Glenn Kimball



Laura and the staff at YadaYada converted my existing ASP site into WordPress so I could take advantage of the inherent SEO capabilities.  We were going to use a stock theme but Laura and Mark created a custom template so I could keep my existing layout.  The end result exceeded my expectations and the communication during development was excellent.  Laura would return emails and phone calls promptly and sometimes make revisions while I was on the phone with her.   It would take my old web company 2-3 days to make a minor change.  I also liked that Laura didn’t nickel and dime me for extra features that weren’t included in our original agreement.   Now that my website has launched, I’m looking forward to working with YadaYada on a SEO plan.

Scott Smith

Keystone Capital



I had the pleasure to first meet Laura while I was at Live365 while she was running PC DJ. I loved the software and thought she did a great job getting the message out about the product and company. After she left PC DJ, Laura took her marketing skills and put them to use starting her own operations. She has a solid grasp of the Internet, how to reach an audience and is never afraid to try something new. She is a solid marketer and a wonderful person to have in your corner – especially when you need results oriented marketing.

A. W.



Laura, Drew and Steve have been wonderful to work with. I was extremely satisfied and sincerely grateful for the professional insight, direction and care Yada Yada extended me.

J. R.



I wholeheartedly recommentd Yada Yada as a web marketing company and host.  The staff is courteous, professional and understanding of the clients needs.  If you want results and team players, you cannot beat Yada Yada.

Jimmy Hayes


Andersonville Theological Seminary



Laura Betterly and Yada Yada Marketing are an upcoming and energetic force in the online scene and I am happy to have them on my team. They are fresh, innovative and up on the newest trends and developments in internet marketing. I highly recommend adding the Yada Yada touch!


Smarty Had A Party



“When we were looking for a marketing company to assist with our new company, I did not have a good idea of what we were looking for or what was really needed to establish an internet presence.  I met with Laura and immediately felt very confident is using Yada Yada Marketing based on her knowledge of the Internet, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development and marketing concepts.   We are very happy with the web site that was developed for our company and get very positive feedback from our friends and family. Yada Yada has provided us with outstanding service and guidance and has provided much more service for than we anticipated.”  Jennifer Simmons – Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, Inc.



Laura is an extremely talented marketing professional. Her insights and instincts are dead on in terms of how companies can cut through the clutter and make an impression. She is a trusted and valued resource for us.

L. D.



I started using Laura’s services when I launched the business side of my web site. Her recommendations have always produced a huge return on my investment and I truly trust her judgment and expertise when it comes to Internet marketing.

Dr. G. F.



Laura is a highly experienced and enthusiastic marketer and exec. She is a master networker with excellent follow through. I enjoyed my time with her immensely and still count on her for advice to this day.

B. P.



Laura and I have worked on a business level on a couple projects that are of long duration. My experience with people in general has been very good but, you really do have to make sure to understand the people you work the closest with especially in a project such as we are involved in. My experience and Laura’s actions have shown that her and her partner Steve have been above the cut in all our business dealings and I recommend that, if you are looking to find someone who can get the job done and be trusted with it, her and Steve are the ones.

L. H.



Basically [the] service far exceeded what I expected and I am please to tell others.

I found out about [you] by seeing another one of your clients work. I was so enthralled with it, that I called this individual to find out who did it. She highly recommended your services. I contacted the sales department and was given excellent service. I told him what I wanted and I got just that. I’ve worked with many marketing companies and they say one thing and do another. This was not the case with you! I felt like everything I said was duplicated and much of it you were able to glean from our site. The copy that was written for us was truly amazing. You understood our product and it showed. Basically [the] service far exceeded what I expected and I am pleased to tell others.

R. R.



Our registration went up 200% and 300% with Google….

The last campaign went really well. Our registration went up 200% and 300% with GOOGLE. We are now in our second exciting campaign….

B. C.



You hit a “home run” and I can now rival [my largest competitor]!

I was up late this evening and figured I would check back into the site. I did not expect to see any changes but rather I wanted to just evaluate where we were…. To my surprise there were changes and I am absolutely impressed!!!! …you hit a home run and I can now rival [my largest competitor]. Thank You for all your hard work!!!

B. G.



I got the data I needed and I’m going to run with it….

[The survey] led to some ideas for additional income. So we did another survey specifically targeting those income ideas. I got the data I needed and I’m going to run with it, probably increasing the monthly income by a nice amount with a service that will be quick to implement. Thanks for the help in getting this data from my members.


D. R.



You guys are hitting a “home run” on this one! Tell all the team I am blown away!

T. Y.



I love the leads, and I really like the quality.

The leads have worked great for me. Out of 24 people I actually spoke to, I signed up 9 people. I was able to leverage my time and make it more effective. In my 20 years experience these are some of the best leads I have ever used. They are far superior to the leads elsewhere.

V. P.



It’s exciting and financially rewarding to have the opportunity to receive such high quality leads….

I found the staff and services…to be as polished and professional as it gets! It’s exciting and financially rewarding to have the opportunity to receive such high quality leads from your state of the art GOOGLE Adwords Campaign and research team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful staff for everything they did in bringing it off to create the exact final end product that was absolutely needed for the ultimate success of our campaign here at [oil company.] The Search Engine Advertising and National & Regional Online Promotional Broadcasts really made the difference in the quality of the leads.

B. C.
Director of Sales
[Oil company]