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Pay Per Click

Google has forever changed the landscape of marketing and advertising.

No longer are these mediums unaccountable.

Paid search puts you in the drivers seat with an ability to track ROI as never before seen.

Yada Yada has been involved with Pay Per Click marketing since its inception.

One of our founders was one of the first 100 Google Adwords professionals certified by Google, and Yada Yada was part of an even smaller number of agencies certified to the highest level at both Google and Yahoo. Additionally we manage campaigns at Bing (MSN) and roll out campaigns from one to the other search engines.

We actually have teams of agency support staff at both Google and Yahoo that work with us, give priority support to our clients, and even optimization specialists that look over and critique the campaigns we create. There is nothing like continuing to learn from the masters!. We even are able to get invitations to private betas, exclusive educational seminars, and confidential aggregate

performance reports for certain industries that are not available to other advertisers or the general public which gives us a huge advantage over everyone else.

Pay per click advertising is both an art and a science, and we are very heavily involved at that science day to day at Yada Yada. The average PPC professional spends something like 15 hours a week just keeping up on the latest changes for all the paid search programs and continuing education, much like SEO or search engine optimization professionals constantly monitor the changes in the organic ranking algorithms of the major search engines. Over time Google has consistently led the way with innovations that are almost all in favor of trying to get more return for advertisers, by constantly demanding better pages from advertisers, better relevancy between the keywords used to drive traffic and the pages that users arrive on, better quality sites from search partners and the google content network, which now contains over a million sites besides google that advertisers can target with laser precision. So pay per click advertising has really evolved not just to “getting traffic” to a website that is already in use, but more to finding target markets and reaching them with precise exatitude, and measuring the results. It has evolved to its own specialty, but is more and more coming into line with SEO techniques, as google continues to demand greater relevancy.

If you have an online business or own a website, even if you have a webmaster or technical person on staff that does the heavy lifting in terms of designing pages, maintaining your email, web forms, and shopping cart, they are ill prepared to keep up additionally with all the daily and weekly changes that are involved with managing pay per click campaigns. Even with all the tools available that are supposed to make things simpler, they just aren’t adequate to keep up with someone like us, a company that has the inside track and spends all the time to constantly stay on the cutting edge.

Have questions? Sign up here for a free webinar or click here to watch a presentation that will explain a lot of the basics of how pay per click advertising works. Or just call us. You’ll be glad you did.  Our Adwords Professionals are waiting to handle your Adwords campaign management and increase your ROI.

Here are a few videos we produced to help you understand paid search better.

1. Introduction to Paid Search

2. Basic Definitions

3. Benefits of Adwords

4. Customized Options-Targeting and Local Search

5. Is it that easy?

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