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Display Advertising

A little known fact about display advertising is that there are around 50,000 display advertisers but 1.5 million search advertisers, and the amount of traffic available from display advertising simply dwarfs search advertising.

Many advertisers find this out when they make campaigns on the Google Content network in their Adwords accounts and find the traffic available is a multiple of their search campaigns. The question is where do you go from there?

Yada Yada utilizes a proprietary platform that allows us to access 15 of the biggest ad networks on the internet, and create pinpoint campaigns that utilize both site targeting, behavioral targeting, and Retargeting to get the maximum ROI from Display Advertising for our clients. Many of these networks have large minimum spends that you just couldn’t access on your own. You also get a conversion tracking and retargeting pixel compliant with and accepted by all these networks.

We can do Display advertising on an auction basis or if you already have deals worked out with certain networks, we can just implement and run the campaign.

What kind of networks and sites can you access?

  • Forbes
  • Yahoo Display (not the normal content network available through PPC)
  • MSN Display (not the normal content network available through PPC)
  • ESPN
  • Double Click
  • Demand Media
  • Google
  • Univision
  • Right Media
  • DSNR Media Group
  • Redux Media
  • Audience Science
  • Pandora
  • Bebo
  • Adbrite
  • Adsdaq
  • Media Shakers
  • My Space
  • Kitara Reach and Premium

We can choose any of these networks in any combination, exclude any sites we want, do retargeting or behavioral targeting or not, and also do Geo Targeting for locally based businesses.

All these different networks have different size creatives and different landing page requirements, we can design creatives that satisfy all the requirements for the various networks or we can use any proven ones you may have.

For some advertisers who are used to doing only search, sometimes the content networks at Google, Yahoo, and MSN just aren’t enough. Display advertising helps to fill the gap, and also reinforces the advertising message, which in turn drives more web conversions.

If you tried display advertising in the past and it didn’t work, give it another try. With the powerful conversion tracking and automatic optimization algorithms at Yada’s disposal, you will now have a much better chance. If you are new to Display Advertising, now is a great time to start, because the optimization technologies are finally available for many small to mid size advertisers that before were only available to the fortune 500.

You can get started with Display Advertising for as little as 500 dollars. Call us now at Call (800) 920-1985 and get your campaign going today.

You’ll be glad you did.

Call (800) 920-1985 and we’ll tell you which ones are good for YOUR industry