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Case Studies

When clients come to us, whether we are working white label behind the scenes for an advertising agency or even another search engine marketing firm, most often we are asked to do the following:

  • Improve ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Boost the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Get More Traffic
  • Get More Leads
  • Reduce Costs

At this late stage of the internet, with paid search having been an option to companies for years, most people come to us having tried to do it themselves and failed already, or tried another company with disappointing results. You should see some of the accounts we get! But there is hope. We haven’t found an account yet that we couldn’t improve the ROI of 15% or more at a bare minimum, and we often can make quite dramatic improvements like getting the same amount of quality traffic for half the cost, improving the cost per lead or sale dramatically, or many other desirable outcomes. Our analysts are some of the very best.

Here are a few examples of some campaigns that we were able to drastically improve:

Case Study #1 “An unnamed major internet marketer“

We can’t tell you who this person is, but we can tell you that he is part of the top 10 well known internet marketers online. He came to us because he got “Google Slapped” and needed to be able to get more traffic and get more sales. He wasn’t that concerned with cost per conversion but said “just get me more clicks”.  As you can see below, we were able very quickly to double the traffic with no sacrifice to the cost per conversion.

We took over somewhere in the middle of this graph, and it took a few days to get some of the steps implemented. The first graph shows a dramatic increase in both number of clicks and sales. So you say what happened to the cost per sale while this was going on? The second graph shows that we basically doubled the number of sales while keeping the cost per conversion the same.

Case Study #2 Advocate Auto Claims

Advocate Auto Claims had experience in their industry of recovering money from insurance companies when a vehicle had diminished in value as a result of an accident. However, their experience was exclusively through businesses and fleet owners and had not offered this directly to consumers.

When they contacted us, they had very tight timelines in which to get a new company that was geared directly to consumers up and operational.

We did extensive online competition research, set up a Google Adwords campaign including keywords and ads, created a corporate website and a lead generation page. Additionally, we did a survey of general consumers and found information that was critical but not known by AAC as they had never worked directly with consumers. All of this was done in under three weeks.

With survey results in hand, copy changes were done so that consumer objections were directly handled at the start. After completing a final quality control process for both the site and the lead page, we turned on the campaign and started driving traffic to the lead generation page using Google Adwords.

The campaign went live on April 18 in a few, local test markets. By April 21, the campaign had already generated $20K in contracts and more in the pipeline. They are experiencing a 10.8% conversion rate of clicks to leads with a cost per conversion less than $35.

Needless to say, the client is overjoyed with the results and is opening up the marketing area as well as increasing the budget.   The program now converts between 13-30%.

After some months on this program you can see their PPC results as follows. Notice that after the campaign launch, optimization was rapid, with cost per conversion declining rapidly:

Case Study #3 : Moo Shoes (Online Shoe Retailer)

Moo Shoes is a shoe retailer with a twist- They sell shoes but only shoes that are non leather and don’t involve animals in any way, in other words, vegan shoes. They had a very small budget and had to make it work more efficiently.

We did an analysis of their account and were able to optimize them for their particular niche by rapidly testing more effective ad copy, and using our normal optimization techniques to get them the same volume of clicks, for half the cost.


  • Budget unchanged.
  • Traffic virtually unchanged.
  • Cost per click cut in half.
  • Overall 107% efficiency increase.

Click Volume

Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

Average Click Through Rate (CTR)

Case Study#4 Singles Social Club -Highlife Adventures

Highlife Adventures is a Chicago-based social club. The company also has a second office in the Indianapolis, IN market.

With a combination of creating better converting pages with constant split testing and active account monitoring we greatlhy increased the efficiency of the advertising campaign for Highlife Adventures.


  • Cut the cost per lead in half.
  • Increased Indianapolis market lead conversion by 300%.
  • Increased Chicago market lead conversion by 100%.

Case Study #5 Online Shoe Retailer Arrowsmith Shoes

Arrowsmith shoes is a specialty men’s retail shoe store that just recently brought their inventory online.

Average cost per click dramatically down. We can’t show you the cost per conversion because of the competition in the retail industry, but it was well down as well.

As you can see that we more than doubled their traffic while at the same time brought their price per click down dramatically.

Case Study #6 Online Clothing Retailer- She Boutique

She Boutique is a high end specialty boutique for women. Being a small retailer, they couldn’t afford to go too crazy with pay per click, and needed help reducing their click costs.

Once again you can see we increased traffic to the site while at the same time lowering click price.

APARK is a Tampa based supplier of commercial park equipment. APARK has a highly targeted demographic and implemented and in-house paid search campaign to reach it. Their in-house solution was over-budget and producing lackluster results. We were hired to take over the campaign.


  • In 30 days we turned around the clients’ campaign.
  • Saved $1,046.17 in 30 days.
  • Received 2,339 more visitors.
  • Lowered Cost-Per-Click over 35%.
  • Click-Thru-Rate was raised 23%.

Click n Make Money sells e-books online. Their Adwords account was brought to us with a round $200 being spent for 2000 clicks a day. we fixed the common mistakes with most accounts that are brought to us and added web analytics and conversion tracking.

Right off the bat, we found places where we could add negative keywords to prevent people from seeing the ad if they had no intention to actually purchase the book. We also used the tracking information to expand the campaign and open up the advertising to a wider population. One thing that is unique about this account is that the content network (graphical search ads) actually out performs the search network (purely text ads that people normally see). This is highly unusual. The owner of the account didn’t know that this was the case until we informed him. Currently, we are tracking which content network websites do the best and are addressing conversion rate improvement.


  • Over 85% of traffic comes from Google.
  • New average of 1420 visitors a day.
  • Average position has not been lower than 5th on page one.

SPLASH PAGE-Visitor selects which beverage they enjoy or consume the most, soda or coffee.

COFFEE PAGE-Visitor is informed how our client’s product can help coffee drinkers and is designed with a different theme than the soda page.

COFFEE PAGE-Visitor is informed how our client’s product can help coffee drinkers and is designed with a different theme than the soda page.


Our client developed a health product to help hydrate the human body and carry more minerals to cells.

This case study is particularly interesting because it shows the power of our market research coupled with our site design and copy writing service

Our survey technology found our client’s target demographic followed up with data showing that coffee and soda were most enjoyed by this segment. Instead of writing “blanket” copy outlining the general benefits of the formula we specifically targeted the segment’s “hot buttons” and created a custom message for each.

The screenshots above show how each section of new site we designed was theme based on which beverage was chosen at the splash page. Customizing the message based on the data we gathered from our market research helped visitors stay on the site longer and boosted interest.