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Even Big Brands Make Mistakes

Yada Newsletter–Even BIg Brands Make Mistakes—SEO Bloodbath.. In February Google updated it’s algorithm yet again. Now the reason for this is up for speculation but Google has said its to make a better user experience. In Google’s eye, they would like every search to serve up exactly what the searcher is looking for. Its earlier updates have always favored high quality content that creates a great user experience. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. I surely won’t or don’t. ,


  Here is where we add things that we think are cool and we think might help you.  Some of these things are free, and some of them we might get a commission on if you purchase.  Regardless, nothing ends up in this section of the website without our feeling that the service is worth […]

Definitions of common advertising terms

Online advertising industry terms 301 Redirect – A 301 redirect automatically causes one url to redirect to another and tells the Web (and search engines) that this redirect is permanent, as opposed to a temporary (302) redirect.  301 redirects are generally preferable for Search Engine Optimization purposes and are therefore often referred to as search engine […]

Alt text

Alt text: Alt (short for ‘alternative’) text is HTML code that allows text to be added to a graphic image. This text will be readable by users who have images disabled in settings, or who hover their pointer above a banner. Alt text is frequently used to add emphasis or prompt click-throughs.           […]


Algorithm – The term search engines use for the formulae they use to determine the rankings of your Natural Listings. Search engines will periodically send a Spider through your Web site to view all its information. Their programs analyze then analyze this and other data to value your site and fix whether or not, and how high […]


AJAX: the acronym for asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a group of interrelated web development techniques used in the creation of web applications. AJAX represents a group of web tools that allow for user interaction with a webpage and also active data collection that does not interfere with a person’s ability to use a website. The number […]


AIDA: A simple marketing acronym that describes the supposed path to successful selling. The following responses should be provoked in this order: A = attention I = interest D = desire A = action The movement from Attention to Action will narrow down, in terms of numbers. The first time a person visits the advertiser’s website, […]


Agency: A company that provides advertising-related services to their clients. Under most circumstances the advertising agency will be independent from the company that wishes to sell a product or service. The advantage to hiring an outside contractor lies in being able to obtain a fresh perspective and creativity in developing effective campaign ads. Some companies, however, […]

Affinity marketing

Affinity marketing: This is an umbrella term for any marketing approach that extrapolates possible future purchases from past ones, e.g. Amazon’s customers who bought items like this also bought…’ recommendations.                                                     […]

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing: An advertising system based on the CPA (Cost Per Action) payment method, where websites display advertisers’ banners for free but receive payment when registrations or sales result from click throughs. In its purest form, affiliate marketing simply describes the use of one website to drive traffic to another.               […]


Advertorial: An advertisement designed to blend in with the appearance and tone of the editorial content it runs alongside. Advertorials are designed to appear as articles to a person viewing the page. This type of advertising can read much like a newspaper editorial piece or a published research study. Advertorials can contain product comparisons, research data, […]

Ad units

Ad units: These refer to the different types of ads which appear online, including banners, interstitials, pop-ups, skyscrapers and text links.                                                It is generally considered optimal to place the ad unit near the […]

Ad space

Ad space: The area on a web page set aside for the display of ads. Google, Yahoo and Bing offer ad space services. The ads are usually set up to correspond with specific searches done by users. This is a paid service where keywords used in ads must be bid on by advertisers prior to use. […]

Ad server

Ad server: Normally operated by a third party, an ad server delivers and tracks ads on websites. Ad servers perform a useful role in building trust between advertisers and publishers since the statistics they supply are likely to be free of spin. Ad server content is updated on a regular basis to keep advertisements fresh and […]