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Retargeting and Remarketing

What is Retargeting and Remarketing?

An advanced service that Yada Yada Marketing offers and that can be made part of virtually any online marketing campaign is called Remarketing or Retargeting.

What remarketing does, is that when people visit your site or a section of your site, that visitor can be “remembered” in your advertising campaign and then even when they visit another site, you can

continue to show them your advertisements. For example, someone visits your site, doesn’t buy anything, then visits and reads the news. Your advertisement can be one of the advertisements they see at CNN, even though your advertisement is actually only appearing for that visitor. You appear to be “everwhere”, even though you are not spending millions on your marketing campaign.

The power of this for an advertiser I am sure you can start seeing is just enormous, especially in view of the fact that many surveys have shown that you need to touch a person at least 7 times before they will buy anything from you. Remarketing can shorten the customer buying cycle immensely if done correctly.

Doing remarketing incorrectly however, can be kind of creepy, as certain advertisers seem to “stalk” you. But if you are surfing the web and constantly see certain advertisements, it might not be that the advertiser is doing immense national advertising campaigns, but is just retargeting you.

One thing about retargeting, is that it does conform to privacy laws in that it does not collect any information about the visitor, especially any personally identifiable information. You know that someone visited a certain page of your website, for example, but not who they are or anything else about them.

Still, the power of remarketing is enormous. For Ecommerce merchants, who still have enormous problems with shopping cart abandonment, can target just people who have added a product to the shopping cart but not checked out. There may have been various reasons why people walked up to your door with their wallet out, and then decided to leave. Maybe it was the price. Maybe the shipping. Maybe they were just interrupted. Being able to message that person again, and coax them back to call you or finish the transaction while they are on another site is huge.

For B2B, being able to show your message over and over again to a very targeted subset of buyers has immense value and can give your company a presence that looks much bigger than it actually is over the web.

If you are trying to market a product or service and are starting to think about the amazing possibilities of remarketing, finish the thought completely.

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