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  1. idakimi

    i watched love …
    i watched love letter and kang ho dong seem always picking on her, said that her voice and her dance not so well, but i think beside she is very pretty, her voice is also good.

  2. killthemall0

    i love her voice… …
    i love her voice…i love her hair…i love her face…I LOVE HER !

  3. hopewtff

    LOL, wow.
    two …

    LOL, wow.
    two completely different langueges that
    sound completely different. tool.

    korean music at its best
    love the song, (:
    availiable on itunes?

  4. stardust07

    omfg i love her …
    omfg i love her house.. or that house xD!!
    the bed is like freaken awesome

  5. popnryan9

    Just pm me i can …
    Just pm me i can provide this song 4 u… and all other seo ji young songs…

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