The search game is changing…Yada Yada Newsletter Feb 2, 2010

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The game is changing again…so what’s new?

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FEBRUARY  3, 2010

Marketing Fail of the Week

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Yes, we all need those don’t we?

The game is changing again…

What game?  The search game.  What we all want is traffic to our sites and results.  Over the last weeks many things have happened that have changed how we do this and some new opportunities for us have emerged.   Let me go over a few things I consider extremely important.

Social Search:  Google has just released social search.  What
is social search?  Simply put social search gives you relevant content on what you’re searching from people in your social circle.  Click below to see the video.

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There are some big implications for business on this.  For example, you can expand your reach dramatically for people that you already know and need your products or services.

If you combine that with the adding of a live stream from Twitter on Google search (it’s there now as an option) Add to that the prominence of Video, Local Results and News, search is turning into a new game.

How do these changes effect local businesses?
Actually the implications for businesses is huge.  As a result, I’m giving a special Local Search Dominator webinar next Wednesday  Wednesday Feb 10, 4:00 PM EST.

We’ll go over how some of these changes effect you as well as some common sense strategies  to implement so that you don’t get left in the dust.

Click Here to register
This is one you don’t want to miss.

Don’t think where you’re location can be tracked?

With HTML5 which was just released a web browser can now be GEO aware.

Want to see this in action? Click Here.

I did this and my location was precisely shown.

Enjoy.  Until next week!

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