Call Us Now 1-800-920-1985 PPC Domination Review I was privelaged enough to be one of the 300 to purchase the pre-launch version of PPC Domination by Magnetic Sponsoring. It is a course specifically written for Network Marketers looking to delve into using PPC marketing.

PPC Domination was written and features Magnetic Sponsorings biggest affiliate, Jim Yaghi. He in fact personally runs the Magnetic Sponsoring PPC campaigns.

PPC Domination was the first Network Marketing specific pay-per-click training program offered out there and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Why? Each advertising “niche” online has its own nuances and Internet MLM is no different. The chance to learn from Jim Yaghi, Magnetic Sponsoring’s top affiliate, is priceless. He generates around 150 leads per day advertising on Google Adwords alone. Learning the tools and thought processes of generating that many of the most targeted Network Marketing leads on a daily basis is a must for any serious Network Marketer.

The most valuable part of the course was the “mind map” exercises that Jim took us through. The value in learning how to research and brainstorm keyword ideas is INVALUABLE. There is much to keyword research than just getting keyword ideas from a website.

If you are looking to break into Pay Per Click Advertising as a Network Marketer, this course will take you step by step, video by video how to set-up your Google Adwords campaigns, do keyword research, and produce leads for your Network Marketing business.

Anyone who is interested in truly looking to ramp up their lead generation campaign with the most targeted and responsive prospects….MUST get PPC Domination. It’s essential to learning how to properly start using the most flexible and hottest advertising medium on the planet.

If you missed out on the beta launch of PPC Domination, you can still go get the free …

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